Ajooni 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Dolly’s sharp observation of a scorpion on Ravinder, prompting her to swiftly remove it. Unfortunately, in her valiant act, she ends up being bitten by the scorpion and lets out a cry of pain. Bebe, Shanky, the doctor, and a nurse rush to the scene. Dolly narrates the incident to them, recounting every detail. The doctor immediately instructs the nurse to accompany Dolly for treatment. Shanky expresses his anger towards the doctor, blaming their negligence for the situation. He confides in Bebe, asserting that Rajveer is responsible for the scorpion’s presence. Shanky implores Bebe to trust him and take Ravinder back home. Bebe, prioritizing Ravinder’s safety, firmly informs the doctor that she cannot jeopardize his life. She requests the doctor to discharge Ravinder from the hospital and continue his treatment at home.

Meanwhile, in the temple, Ajooni ponders over Rajveer’s lack of response to her calls. Rajveer finally arrives and discloses that he had been eagerly waiting for her. Curious about why she called him there, Ajooni reveals that Amrit informed the police about Rajveer. At that moment, Rajveer’s friend approaches them with news that the police have visited Rajveer’s residence. Ajooni concludes that this confirms someone from within their household is involved in the ongoing situation. Concerned for Rajveer’s safety, she urges him to take care of himself. Rajveer assures her that he will find a hiding place, relieving her of any worries, and promptly departs from the scene.

In the Bagga household, Harman implores Ravinder to open his eyes, expressing her belief that God is testing her through this situation after sending Ravinder to meet Rajveer. She confesses her inability to live without him. The doctor advises her to leave the room so that Ravinder can rest, but she staunchly refuses, unwilling to abandon his side. In a touching moment, Ravinder grasps Harman’s hand while still unconscious, bringing her great joy. The doctor assures them that Ravinder will soon regain consciousness.

Meanwhile, Amrit confides in Tejender about her lack of knowledge regarding Rajveer’s whereabouts. Shanky encounters Tejender and Amrit, informing them of Ravinder’s fortunate survival. Amrit expresses her desire not to let Ravinder meet an easy death, suggesting that it’s time to seize everything from the Baggas. Ajooni witnesses their exchange and wonders about their unexpected alliance.

Later on, Shanky provides Rajveer with a head massage, garnering Bebe’s praise as the only one who cares for her. Exploiting the opportunity, Shanky stokes Bebe’s resentment towards Rajveer. Bebe questions Rajveer’s motivations, and Shanky reveals his belief that Rajveer is driven by a desire for the property, which he would inherit upon Ravinder’s demise. Disturbed by this revelation, Bebe resolves to contact a lawyer. Shanky warns her of the potential danger to Dolly, suggesting that Rajveer might also target her for the property. Bebe decides to transfer all the property into Shanky’s name, acknowledging that Dolly and Harvinder’s share should remain untouched. Although Shanky expresses reservations, Bebe remains steadfast in her decision and proceeds to call the lawyer.

Ajooni confronts Amrit and Tejender about their meeting with Shanky. Amrit fabricates a lie, denying any encounter with Shanky. Ajooni insists that she saw them together. Tejender interjects, explaining that he was concerned about Shanky and sought to meet him. Amrit scolds Ajooni for questioning them and raises her hand to strike her, but Ajooni defiantly catches Amrit’s hand. Ajooni retreats indoors, leaving Amrit and Tejender to ponder their next course of action. Meanwhile, Harman receives news that Bebe plans to transfer all the property into Shanky’s name.

[Episode End]

Precap : Tejender confesses to Amrit that he deceived Rajveer by warning him about an imminent accident, but Ajooni remains unaware of the danger she is about to face. Kaveri overhears this conversation and swiftly rushes to rescue Ajooni, desperately calling out her name.

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