Ajooni 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Tejender advising Pathan not to waste any time and take Ajooni along with him. However, Pathan expresses his concern about not wanting to force Ajooni into this matter. Tejender reminds him of the incident where Pathan had previously beaten up Ajooni for the same reason. Amrit questions Tejender if Pathan has switched sides. Tejender assures her that Pathan is loyal. Pathan then brings up the threat issued by Karuna, the president of the women’s organization. Just as Dolly is about to call Karuna, Amrit intervenes and stops her.

Shanky informs Dolly that he will deal with her later, and then instructs Pathan to beat Ajooni if she refuses to comply. He takes the gun from Pathan to prevent any impulsive actions. Shanky insists that Pathan should teach Ajooni a lesson in front of everyone, claiming that Pathan’s lack of action is due to his betrayal and association with Baggas.

Tejender realizes that Pathan has deceived them, and Shanky begins to beat him up for his betrayal. Amrit intervenes once again, stopping Shanky. She reveals her suspicions about Pathan from the moment she laid eyes on him. Amrit asks Shanky to remove Pathan’s turban, and as he does, Rajveer’s true identity is unveiled when he removes his beard. The revelation shocks everyone present. Shanky questions Rajveer about how he managed to survive, and Rajveer credits Dolly for saving him. Dolly discloses the truth about the fake bullets, while Ajooni admits to intentionally creating a scene at the bar to facilitate Rajveer’s entry into the Bagga house.

Amrit gives an order to Shanky and Tejender, commanding them to eliminate everyone present. In response, Shanky declares his intention to end the game and aims his gun at Rajveer. A clash ensues as they engage in a fight. Shanky’s henchmen capture Rajveer and secure him to a chair. Tejender grabs a bow and takes aim at Rajveer. Shanky warns Harvinder not to make any sudden moves. Ajooni tries to reach Rajveer, but Amrit intercepts and restrains her. Amrit declares that Rajveer will receive seven chances, while instructing the goons to shoot Baggas if they make any attempt to intervene.

Shanky admits his past misdeeds and challenges Rajveer to showcase his abilities. Despite Tejender’s targeting, Rajveer manages to escape harm. Amrit informs Ajooni that Tejender has five chances to eliminate Rajveer, implying that Rajveer’s demise is inevitable. Shanky takes aim at Rajveer, but Rajveer evades the attack once again. Shanky proclaims his intention to marry Ajooni after killing Rajveer. Tejender requests Shanky’s signature on the property papers, to which Shanky responds that he will acquire everything after Tejender’s death. Both Shanky and Amrit proceed to sign the documents.

In a desperate attempt, Harvinder tries to attack Tejender, but Amrit notices his actions and raises an alarm. Shanky retaliates by assaulting Harvinder. He then informs Tejender that it’s time for their marriage. However, Tejender reminds Shanky that they must first eliminate Rajveer, as he is still alive.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amrit declares that the moment for seeking retribution has arrived. With her bow firmly aimed at Rajveer, she intends to end his life. However, Ravinder rises swiftly and seizes the bow, acting as Rajveer’s savior. The sight of this unexpected action leaves everyone in a state of utter disbelief.

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