Ajooni 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

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The episode commences as Rajveer discreetly enters the hospital premises, donning the attire of a hospital staff member. Ajooni finds solace in comforting Harman, assuring her that this is merely a test from God and Ravinder will remain unharmed. Harman ponders over Rajveer’s sudden disappearance, questioning his motives.

Meanwhile, a nurse informs the group that Ravinder’s heartbeat is unstable, necessitating the administration of shock treatment. Anxious for Ravinder’s well-being, Harman anxiously inquires about his condition. The doctor solemnly reveals that Ravinder’s state is critical, intensifying the sense of worry among them.

Desperate for a miracle, the Baggas fervently urge Ravinder to awaken. Despite their pleas, the doctor advises them not to disturb the ongoing treatment. In a covert conversation with Amrit, Shanky quietly suggests taking action to prevent Ravinder’s survival. Seizing the opportunity, Shanky purposefully removes the fuse, causing a sudden power outage.

As the hospital plunges into darkness, the doctor warns that if the lights do not return within ten minutes, Ravinder’s life could be in jeopardy. Harman, overcome with desperation, pleads with the doctor to save her beloved Ravinder. Helplessly, the doctor explains that without electricity, his hands are tied, and he implores them to pray for divine intervention.

Shanky proceeded to remove the wire, affirming to himself that now no one would be able to save Ravinder. After accomplishing his task, he swiftly left the scene. Rajveer caught sight of Shanky’s departure and pondered whether Shanky was responsible for the power outage. Rajveer’s suspicion grew stronger as he noticed the missing wire.

Meanwhile, the nurse reported to the doctor that their floor was the only one experiencing a power failure. Harvinder, in a fit of anger, reprimanded the doctor. Seizing the opportunity, Shanky informed Bebe that Rajveer was behind the power cut. Ajooni scolded him for spreading false accusations and pleaded with the doctor to find a solution. In response, the doctor informed them about an available option – an injection. Harman inquired about the details, prompting the doctor to explain its potential to save Ravinder’s life. Bebe, overwhelmed with worry, urged the doctor to do whatever was necessary. Consequently, the doctor requested everyone to vacate the room, leaving Bebe in tears while Ajooni provided solace. Taking advantage of the situation, Shanky deceitfully informed the nurse that the doctor wanted to see her.

Ajooni expressed her determination to stay with Ravinder, leaving Amrit astonished. Rajveer managed to fix the electricity board just as Shanky was about to harm Ravinder. Suddenly, the room was flooded with light, and Ajooni entered, questioning Shanky about his actions. Fearing the truth, Shanky fabricated a lie, claiming that he had attempted to save Ravinder. The doctor arrived, administering shock treatment to Ravinder. He informed the Baggas that Ravinder’s heartbeat had stabilized but emphasized the need for blood to save him.

The nurse informs him that Ravinder has blood group O-. The doctor acknowledges that O- is a rare blood group and suggests they find donors. Ajooni reveals that Rajveer also has blood group O-. Bebe sternly advises Ajooni not to mention Rajveer’s name. Ajooni urges Shanky, who is Ravinder’s son, to check his own blood group. Bebe expresses her gratitude to Shanky if he can save Ravinder’s life. Harman desperately implores Shanky to save his father’s life. Shanky requests the doctor to test his blood group.

Rajveer approaches the nurse, introducing himself as Rakesh, and states that his blood group is O-. He volunteers to donate blood to Ravinder. However, the nurse explains that Rajveer’s blood pressure is high and he is injured, making him ineligible to donate blood. Rajveer attempts to persuade her but fails. He then contacts a friend, requesting assistance. The nurse informs Baggas that Shanky’s blood group did not match with Ravinder’s.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ajooni frantically searches for Rajveer outside the hospital while Rajveer’s friend selflessly donates O-negative blood to the doctor.

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