Ajooni 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Shanky expressing his willingness to transfer the property under his name, but on the condition that his marriage with Ajooni takes place that very day. Tejender responds, stating that he has no objections to the arrangement. Ajooni reprimands them for mocking her life and firmly declares that she will not marry Shanky. Amrit interjects, asserting that nobody sought Ajooni’s opinion in the matter. Shanky instructs Ajooni to prepare as a bride, emphasizing that the marriage must happen today, or else Ravinder’s life will be at stake. Tejender instructs Pathan to make all the necessary arrangements for the marriage. Amrit informs Tejender that Pathan will attempt to dissuade him from proceeding with the marriage.

Ajooni breaks down in tears. Amrit advises her to marry Shanky, promising that they will treat her like a queen. She hands Ajooni the bridal attire, but Ajooni throws it away. She then picks up a weapon and threatens to kill herself. Amrit assures her that she is not alone in this, and both Tejender and Shanky will eliminate the Baggas. Ajooni drops the weapon. Amrit commands her to put on the bridal attire and departs from the scene.

Ajooni beseeches God, questioning why these unfortunate events keep occurring in her life. She laments that despite her husband being alive, she is forced to live as a widow. She implores God to assist her in halting the marriage. In a moment of distress, her dupatta catches fire. Aman arrives and rescues Ajooni, scolding her for being careless. Ajooni expresses her belief that she should have perished instead. Aman urges her to fight for herself, stating that she cannot bear to witness Ajooni in such a state.

Pathan questions Tejender about his decision to agree to the marriage despite Shanky’s intention to kill him. Tejender reveals that Shanky is his son and, in addition to inheriting the property, he wants nothing else. He asserts that Pathan should not interfere in his family matters. Pathan, discontented, walks away from the conversation.

In another scene, Shanky enters Ravinder’s room and begins to taunt him. He boldly confesses to shooting Ravinder and declares his plans to take control of the house. Furthermore, he announces his intention to marry Ajooni. Ravinder becomes furious upon hearing this. Sensing Ravinder’s anger, Shanky provocatively hands him a gun and encourages him to shoot. He forces Ravinder to stand up and then abruptly leaves, causing Ravinder to collapse on the floor. Harman arrives in the room and rushes to assist Ravinder. She pleads with Shanky not to torment Ravinder and, at his insistence, even touches his feet. Shanky reluctantly helps Harman place Ravinder on the bed before departing. Harman, tearfully embracing Ravinder, expresses her frustration that even Rajveer doesn’t know what to do, urging Ravinder to rise and resolve their problems.

Later, Amrit forcefully drags Ajooni to the living area. She scolds Ajooni for not being ready yet. Shanky, seizing the opportunity, demands that Ajooni agree to marry him. In response, Ajooni slaps him, displaying her defiance. Amrit then instructs Pathan to ensure that Ajooni gets ready as the bride.

[Episode End]

Precap : According to Shanky, Pathan is associated with Baggas. Amrit reveals that she had suspicions about Pathan ever since she first laid eyes on him. Their astonishment reaches new heights upon discovering that Rajveer is, in fact, Pathan.

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