Ajooni 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Bebe appealing to God for Ravinder’s recovery while questioning the misfortune she has faced. Amrit, on the other hand, reminds her that Bebe has consistently insulted her and is now facing the consequences of her actions in this lifetime. Amrit informs Bebe that they will be celebrating their success today and instructs her to entertain the guests. She hands Bebe a pair of ankle bells (gungroo). Bebe reprimands her, but Amrit insists that Bebe must dance as the times have changed. Bebe adamantly declares she would rather die than dance. Amrit, however, threatens to harm Ravinder if Bebe refuses to dance.

Later, Amrit informs Ravinder that she has altered the rules because she is now the new mistress of the Bagga household. A guest inquires about the special occasion. Bebe arrives wearing the ankle bells, which shocks Ravinder. Amrit instructs Bebe to dance, and reluctantly, Bebe begins her performance. Ravinder closes his eyes, unable to bear the sight. Amrit urges him to enjoy Bebe’s dance. Unfortunately, Bebe loses her balance and falls down. Harman questions Amrit about the situation, expressing his disapproval of Bebe’s humiliation and their treatment as servants.

In a fit of rage, Amrit grabs Harman by the throat. Bebe pleads with her to release him, but Amrit pushes Harman away and contemplates who will entertain the guests now. A concerned guest criticizes Amrit’s peculiar program, stating that Bebe’s dance has ruined the atmosphere. Defiantly, Amrit insists that Dolly will dance to entertain them. However, Bebe interjects, asserting her desire to dance. Amrit, determined to have her way, insists on Dolly’s performance and threatens to harm Ravinder if Dolly refuses to dance. A servant witnesses the events and quietly departs from the scene. Reluctantly, Dolly begins her dance, while Amrit proclaims to the guests that they must be enjoying themselves now.

Meanwhile, Ajooni confides in Servant, revealing every detail to him. Filled with determination, she seizes the gun from Rajveer’s friend, emphasizing her intention to teach them a lesson.

Tejender and Shanky rejoice in their triumph, indulging in alcohol. Impressed by Amrit and Tejender’s strategies, Shanky jests about making Ajooni dance as well. Abruptly, Ajooni trains her gun on Shanky, asserting that she won’t allow their success as long as she breathes. Despite her adherence to the law, she declares her readiness to do anything for vengeance against Rajveer’s demise. Just as she is about to pull the trigger, a mysterious man intervenes, swiftly disarming her and rendering her unconscious.

Curiosity piqued, Shanky inquires about the man’s identity, to which he responds by suggesting Shanky retrieve his information from prison. Furthermore, he demands payment for saving Shanky’s life. Tejender, grateful for the man’s intervention, assures him that he is willing to do anything in return and offers him employment. Agreeing to work at the Bagga household, the man clarifies that he is solely motivated by money. When Shanky moves to lift Ajooni, the man interrupts, reminding him that his purpose there is to work.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shanky informs Ajooni that she must fulfill the role of a servant. However, Ajooni refuses to comply with the request. In a fit of anger, Shanky attempts to physically harm her, but Rajveer intervenes and prevents Shanky from causing any harm.

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