Ajooni 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Ajooni introducing Shanky to Kaveri. Curious, Harman questions Ajooni about Kaveri’s silence. Harvinder chimes in, blaming Rajveer’s betrayal for Ravinder’s current condition and dismissing Ajooni’s attempts at drama. Harman instructs Harvinder to remain silent.

Meanwhile, Amrit urges Tejender to eliminate Kaveri and Ajooni and hide their bodies in their warehouse. Rajveer arrives on the scene, confronting them about Ajooni’s whereabouts. Pointing a gun at Tejender, Rajveer accuses them of scheming against him. Amrit divulges that Shanky is the mastermind behind everything and has taken Ajooni away, confessing her inability to stop Shanky. Determined, Rajveer declares his intention to not spare Shanky and departs. Tejender cautions Amrit that Rajveer may kill Shanky. Amrit suggests contacting the police and informing them that Rajveer headed to the Bagga household with the intention of harming Ravinder.

Subsequently, Tejender reaches out to Shanky, inquiring about Ajooni and Kaveri. Shanky reassures him that his men will eliminate Ajooni and Kaveri once they depart from the Bagga house. Tejender discloses Rajveer’s involvement to Shanky. In response, Shanky assures Tejender that he will handle Rajveer and terminates the call. He retrieves some papers from his cupboard and exits his room. Observing this, Dolly also notices a gun placed on the table.

Ajooni and Kaveri cower in fear as they spot Shanky’s men lurking outside Bagga house. Ajooni suggests hiding in the store room, and they quickly make their way inside.

Shanky dismisses the nurse attending to Ravinder and assures her that he will take care of him until she returns. He pretends to sympathize with Ravinder, expressing his disgust at seeing him in such a state. He reminds Ravinder of the humiliation he endured and vows to seek revenge. Deviously, Shanky tricks Ravinder into leaving his thumbprint on property papers, declaring himself the sole owner of all the assets. Satisfied with his cunning move, Shanky leaves, confident that he can handle Rajveer.

Rajveer arrives at Bagga house and swiftly incapacitates Shanky’s men, managing to infiltrate the premises undetected. One of Shanky’s henchmen informs him about Rajveer’s presence, prompting Shanky to interrogate Dolly about Rajveer’s whereabouts. Dolly, facing the threat of being shot, refuses to divulge any information and bravely pushes Shanky out of the room. She immediately contacts Rajveer, who is concealed behind a cupboard. Rajveer commends Dolly for her courage and determination, and she implores him not to spare Shanky. Rajveer agrees, promising to confront Shanky after meeting with Ravinder, and he departs. Dolly wonders where Harvinder has disappeared to.

Meanwhile, Harvinder relishes in his confidence that nothing can impede his ambition to become the sole owner of the Bagga family’s wealth. Inside Ravinder’s room, Rajveer enters and beseeches Ravinder to awaken. Shanky reprimands his men for their failure and answers a call from Tejender, informing him of his search for Ajooni and Kaveri. Rajveer, while tending to Ravinder, notices ink stains on Shanky’s thumb, raising his suspicions.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rajveer engaged in a physical confrontation with Shanky’s men, overpowering them. In a sudden turn of events, Shanky fired a gunshot at Rajveer, causing him to sustain an injury. Witnessing this shocking act, Dolly let out a scream, expressing her distress. The sound of the commotion reached the ears of everyone present, alerting them to the unfolding situation.

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