Ajooni 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Ravinder harboring suspicions about Shanky. Bebe, however, advises her son to place his trust in Shanky, assuring him that Shanky has genuinely transformed. Despite Bebe’s counsel, Ravinder cautions her not to blindly believe in Shanky, warning that she may regret it later, and then proceeds indoors.

Meanwhile, Tejender shifts the blame onto Ajooni, holding her responsible for everything that has transpired. Ajooni valiantly defends herself, refusing to accept unwarranted accusations. Amrit, displeased with Ajooni’s response, scolds her and demands an apology. Ajooni questions the reason for apologizing when she has done nothing wrong.

In a heated moment, Tejender raises his hand to strike Ajooni, but Rajveer intervenes swiftly, preventing any harm and cautioning Tejender against repeating such a mistake. Amrit confronts Rajveer, questioning how he can make such a statement despite being aware of the events that unfolded at the Bagga house. She asserts that Ajooni deserves punishment.

Rajveer firmly asserts his belief in Ajooni’s innocence, warning them not to inflict any harm upon her. He then escorts Ajooni away from the scene, safeguarding her from further harm.

Meanwhile, Harman expresses to Ravinder her unwavering belief in Ajooni and Rajveer’s innocence. She insists that Rajveer is not the type of person to betray others. Ravinder counters, asserting that Rajveer has changed due to his association with Tejender. Harman implores him to listen to his heart, stating that Ajooni possesses a pure heart and would never contemplate taking someone’s life. She firmly believes that Tejender and Amrit are the masterminds behind the unfolding events. Ravinder cautiously considers Harman’s words, hoping that she is correct.

Tejender confronts Amrit, questioning her silence in response to Rajveer’s loose tongue. Amrit advises him to remain calm, assuring him that their plan has been successfully executed. As Tejender receives a work-related phone call, he informs Amrit before departing from the scene. Meeting with one of his associates, Tejender discovers that he has fallen victim to a deception. To his astonishment, he finds Ravinder waiting for him, who confidently asserts his own proficiency in playing games. Tejender dismissively remarks that Ravinder knows nothing about their secret plan, appealing for trust. In response, Ravinder orders his henchman to blindfold Tejender.

Kaveri accidentally drops the tea glass, causing a moment of chaos. Amrit, driven by anger, prepares to strike Kaveri, but Ajooni intervenes, stopping Amrit in her tracks. Amrit argues with Ajooni, claiming that she doesn’t understand who Kaveri truly is and insists that Kaveri deserves to be punished. In response, Ajooni defends Kaveri, stating that she is the backbone of the household, likening her to the goddess Lakshmi. Amrit counters, accusing Kaveri of wanting to destroy the family and brings up the incident involving the laddus. Undeterred, Ajooni vows to uncover the truth about the laddus, no matter the obstacles. With determination, Ajooni escorts Kaveri away from the scene.

Tejender finds himself under scrutiny and begins defending himself. Ravinder, wanting to intimidate Tejender, employs fear tactics. Just as the tension rises, Rajveer arrives at the scene. Tejender seizes the opportunity to complain to Rajveer about Ravinder’s actions. Ravinder retorts that Rajveer has shown up at the right moment. Rajveer, urging Ravinder not to engage in treachery, reminds him that he has pardoned Tejender, albeit temporarily. However, Rajveer warns Ravinder that he won’t spare Tejender once he has concrete evidence against him. Rajveer assures them that time will provide the answers they seek. He dismisses Tejender, instructing him to leave, and departs from the location himself.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ajooni claims to have had possession of the laddu box, implying that Baggas was not involved in any wrongdoing. Rajveer asserts that he will not let the culprit go unpunished. Ravinder informs Harman that he has issued a final warning to Tejender, emphasizing that if Tejender engages in any further misconduct, he will take severe measures, potentially resulting in his demise.

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