Ajooni 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Harman discovering that Bebe intends to transfer all the property to Shanky’s name. Intrigued by Bebe’s decision, Harman questions her motives. Bebe explains that she refuses to let Rajveer seize the hard-earned property of Ravinder. Doubtful of Bebe’s trust in Harvinder, Harman confronts her, asserting that Shanky has manipulated her.

Just then, Harvinder arrives at the scene, inquiring about the commotion. Harman explains Shanky’s proposal to him, and Harvinder clarifies that Shanky is acting in their best interests and Dolly’s safety. He implores Bebe not to transfer the property to Shanky’s name, as it would make Rajveer seek revenge and possibly harm Shanky. Harvinder emphasizes that Shanky is willing to sacrifice his life for his siblings but urges them to protect him.

Shanky interjects, assuring Harvinder that Rajveer won’t gain anything by killing him. However, Harvinder warns Shanky about the potential consequences of Rajveer seeking vengeance. He reminds Bebe of Rajveer’s anger and pleads with her not to endanger Shanky’s life. Harvinder then leads Bebe away, seeking a private conversation.

After a while, Harvinder confronts Shanky, choking him with a firm grip. He firmly expresses his awareness of Shanky’s intentions and warns him against attempting to seize his property. Harvinder declares that if he discovers Shanky’s involvement in Ravinder’s condition, he will not spare him.

Meanwhile, Tejender confides in Amrit, disclosing that he has discovered Rajveer’s location and dispatched Shanky to eliminate him. Amrit, however, instructs him to target Ajooni instead. Unbeknownst to them, Shanky fires at Rajveer, but it turns out to be nothing more than a vivid nightmare experienced by Ajooni. Trembling in fear, she jolts awake and recounts her distressing dream to Kaveri. In the midst of their conversation, Ajooni learns about Rajveer’s unfortunate accident and hastily informs Kaveri before leaving the scene.

Tejender reveals to Amrit that Ajooni fell for his deception and ventured to rescue Rajveer, but he assures Amrit that Ajooni’s demise is imminent. Overhearing their conversation, Kaveri departs quietly, her mind plagued with concern. Suddenly, she notices a vehicle hurtling towards Ajooni and instinctively cries out her name, desperately warning her of the impending danger. Ajooni reacts swiftly, managing to evade the oncoming car. Tejender’s henchman witnesses the entire incident, causing a surge of panic within the group.

Rushing to Kaveri’s side, Ajooni gratefully acknowledges that Kaveri has regained her ability to speak. In a hushed tone, Kaveri affirms Ajooni’s suspicions about Tejender and Amrit, exposing the entirety of their deceitful machinations. Resolute, Ajooni insists that they must divulge the truth to the Baggas, an essential step towards rectifying the situation.

Meanwhile, Rajveer anxiously attempts to reach Ajooni, but she remains unresponsive. Tejender’s accomplice informs him that Kaveri intervened, saving Ajooni and divulging the truth. Furthermore, Kaveri is en route to the Bagga residence with Ajooni. Amrit, consumed by apprehension, is thrown into a state of distress upon receiving this news.

Ajooni and Kaveri finally arrive at the Bagga household, only to be met with Bebe’s scolding for Ajooni’s audacious entry. Undeterred, Ajooni implores Kaveri to reveal the truth, ultimately deciding to answer Tejender’s call herself. Tejender seizes the opportunity to convey a chilling ultimatum: if she discloses the truth to the Baggas, Shanky will inject poison into Rajveer, and he also claims to possess knowledge of Rajveer’s whereabouts. Amrit, anxiously eavesdropping on the conversation, becomes increasingly alarmed by the dire turn of events.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shanky receives a resounding shock when he lays eyes on the property papers, leaving a lasting impression. Soon after, Tejender urgently contacts Shanky, delivering the alarming news that Rajveer is en route to the Bagga residence with intentions of causing him harm.

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