Ajooni 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Bebe burdening herself with blame and shedding tears. Harman offers consolation and support to her. Harvinder asserts that he is not as helpless as Ravinder and vows to expel Amrit from the house. Harman warns him that if he takes action against Amrit, her henchmen will harm Ravinder. Bebe loses consciousness, causing worry for Baggas. Upon hearing the commotion, Amrit arrives on the scene. Dolly urges her to call a doctor. Amrit declares that she won’t allow Bebe to die so easily and instructs a servant to summon the doctor before leaving. Bebe regains consciousness, and Harman offers her some water.

Pathan places Ajooni on the bed. Shanky informs Amrit that Ajooni tried to harm him. Amrit inquires about Pathan, to which Tejender explains that they hired Pathan as a bodyguard after he saved their lives. Shanky asks Amrit about the dance program, and she reveals that she made Bebe and Dolly dance. Ajooni regains consciousness, and Shanky commands her to work as a servant. Ajooni refuses and declares her intention to punish him for his mistakes. Shanky raises his hand to slap her, but Pathan intervenes and promises to handle Ajooni.

He dismisses Shanky’s family from the room and secures the door from the inside. Ajooni embraces him and affectionately refers to him as Rajveer. He informs her that their scheme is progressing successfully. She insists that they need to locate the property papers. He assures her that he will retrieve the property papers from Shanky. Ajooni expresses her discomfort in wearing a white dress while he is still alive. He reciprocates, stating that he also dislikes seeing her in such a state. He playfully pretends to scold her, causing her to scream and plead with him to stop. Tejender warns Pathan to intervene or risk Ajooni’s life. Pathan unlocks the door, and Ajooni apologizes to Shanky’s family. Amrit informs Tejender that the next day she will visit the temple as the mistress of the Baggas.

Ajooni proceeds to Ravinder’s room, assuring the Baggas that they will remain safe. She inquires about Bebe, and Aman informs her that Bebe is resting while Harvinder went to accompany the doctor. Ajooni reveals to Ravinder and Harman that Rajveer is alive. Dolly reveals that she had replaced the bullets in Shanky’s gun. Ajooni explains that the bullets were actually fake, confirming Rajveer’s well-being. She recalls the details of Rajveer’s return and shares his plan with Kaveri and his friends. Ajooni discloses everything to the Baggas, urging Ravinder not to worry.

Pathan enters the room, and Harman embraces him. He informs Ravinder that his son has returned. He expresses his determination to seek revenge against Shanky’s family for their deceitful actions. He encourages Ravinder to recover soon. The following day, Harvinder expresses his desire to kill Tejender to Pathan. However, Pathan advises against it, as it would jeopardize their plan. Tejender questions how Pathan became aware of the property’s existence.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ajooni provokes Shanky against Amrit and Tejender, fueling his resentment towards them. In a subsequent interaction, Tejender requests Shanky to sign the property papers, but instead, Shanky defiantly rips them apart.

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