Ajooni 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Shanky expressing to the doctor that they will take good care of Ravinder at home. The doctor requests Shanky to sign a document stating that the Baggas, and not the doctors from his hospital, will be held responsible if any mishap occurs to Ravinder while he is at home. Harman intervenes and asserts that Ravinder will remain in the hospital until he fully recovers. However, the doctor informs her that as the patient’s wife, her opinion is the only one that matters to him. Ajooni advises Harman to contact her if she needs any assistance and then departs from the hospital.

Later, Ajooni inquires from Rajveer about the time he arrived at the house. Amrit expresses her delight at Rajveer’s return and questions why he is putting his life at risk for the Baggas. Ajooni suggests that Rajveer needs rest, and they can discuss it later. Amrit urges Rajveer to take some rest. Rajveer expresses gratitude to his friend, who reassures him that they will soon discover the identity of the culprit.

Amrit contacts Tejender, informing him that Rajveer is present in the house and their plan is progressing smoothly. Upon hearing the doorbell, she assumes that their expected guests have arrived and instructs Ajooni to open the door. To her surprise, Ajooni is taken aback by the sight of the police, who inform her that they are aware of Rajveer’s hiding place and have come to apprehend him. Amrit insists that Rajveer is not there. Meanwhile, Kaveri believes that Rajveer is asleep in his room and contemplates aiding his escape. However, Amrit intervenes, preventing Kaveri from entering the room. The police inspector presents an arrest warrant and orders the constables to search the house.Ajooni glances at Rajveer’s room, catching the attention of the police inspector, who proceeds towards that direction. Rajveer, alerted by a noise, manages to conceal himself from the inspector. The police inspector warns them that Rajveer won’t escape next time. Amrit wonders how Rajveer managed to evade capture.Dolly inquires about Ravinder’s condition from Harman. Harman reveals that they cannot determine anything until Ravinder regains consciousness. Dolly assures Harman that they will take care of Ravinder. Shanky suggests discharging Ravinder, as Rajveer might attempt another attack. Harman insists that Ravinder should remain in the hospital until he fully recovers. Dolly starts feeling dizzy and advises Harman to return home while she attends to Ravinder.At the temple, Amrit beseeches God to listen to her prayers. Bebe joins her there, and the priest announces that the Baggas will perform the puja first. Amrit attempts to approach the idol, but the public intervenes, asserting that the priest is correct. Amrit conveys to Bebe that times are changing.Ajooni contacts Rajveer and inquires about his escape. Sensing a shadow, she reveals that she knows Rajveer is at his friend’s house. Shanky instructs a ward boy to take action. The ward boy tidies Ravinder’s room and places a scorpion on the bed before leaving. Dolly is left stunned upon discovering the scorpion.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ajooni catches sight of Tejender and Amrit standing alongside Shanky. Approaching them, she decides to confront the trio. Gradually, it becomes clear to Ajooni that they are involved in a secret scheme targeting both her and Rajveer.

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