Agnisakshi 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Satvik forcefully breaking the factory lock as the search for Jeevika intensifies. Adaya queries the source of the smoke emanating from a nearby car, capturing Satvik’s attention. To his astonishment, he discovers Jeevika trapped inside the vehicle. With swift action, Satvik breaks open the car door, rescuing Jeevika, and anxiously pleads for her to regain consciousness.

Meanwhile, Rajnandini seizes the opportunity to confront Supriya, leading Supriya away from the scene. Supriya reluctantly confesses her involvement in the ordeal, admitting to her actions. Rajnandini questions the necessity of Supriya’s actions, highlighting that Jeevika had already made up her mind to leave willingly. Rajnandini expresses her concern for Jeevika’s well-being, emphasizing the potential harm that could have befallen her. Supriya callously remarks that Jeevika’s demise would not be a significant issue to her.

Rajnandini argues that Satvik genuinely cares for Jeevika and would be deeply affected by any harm that befalls her. Supriya confesses her dislike for Jeevika being in Satvik’s company, using it as a motive for her actions. She reveals that she intended to bring an end to Jeevika’s presence when she witnessed her leaving the house. Rajnandini dismisses Supriya’s lack of concern for Jeevika’s life and questions the rationale behind locking her inside the factory. Rajnandini wonders if there were no alternative places for Supriya to conceal her.

Supriya justifies her risky decision by explaining that she believed locking Jeevika inside the car would provide an effective means of concealment. Rajnandini insists that Supriya must involve her in such matters and avoid taking unilateral action. Realizing her mistake, Supriya agrees to consult Rajnandini before making any further moves, acknowledging the importance of their collaboration.

Satvik’s concern for Jeevika grew as he saw her regain consciousness. He anxiously asked her what had happened to her. Shlok, curious about how she ended up in the abandoned factory, reminded her that nobody had gone there for years. Jeevika responded, saying she didn’t remember anything. Satvik scolded her for her carelessness and questioned if something had happened to her. Jeevika, hurt by his taunts, retorted that she would rather endure physical pain than listen to his sarcastic remarks.

Shlok persisted in his inquiry, wanting to know the details of what had happened to Jeevika. She explained that she had left the house and was suddenly attacked from behind, causing her to lose consciousness. When she awoke, she found herself locked inside a car with no way to open the door. Satvik assured her that he would uncover the truth behind the attack and urged her not to worry.

Shlok silently hoped that their problems would be resolved soon. Satvik asked Jeevika where she was planning to go, already knowing the answer. He pleaded with her not to leave, but she questioned if Narayanan or a lawyer had said anything to him. Satvik, frustrated, asked if there was anything in their relationship other than thoughts of divorce. Jeevika replied, emphasizing that he had wanted a divorce both before and after their wedding. Satvik bitterly remarked that she had given him an unforgettable birthday gift, implying the pain she had caused him. He demanded that she stay and not leave.

Rajnandini inquires of Satvik who made an attempt on Jeevika’s life. Adaya suspects it could be the same individuals who previously kidnapped Jeevika. Satvik expresses his refusal to let them harm her. Adaya remarks that she has never witnessed him this furious before. Shlok recalls seeing him angry when the kidnappers injured Jeevika. Adaya and Shlok commend the relationship between Jeevika and Satvik, playfully teasing him to annoy Supriya. Supriya becomes frustrated upon hearing this.

Supriya approaches Satvik and expresses her desire to speak with him. Shlok excuses himself, leaving them alone. Supriya questions why he won’t allow Jeevika to leave the house. Satvik urges her not to interfere and reminds her that Jeevika is his wife and will remain there. Later, Shlok advises Jeevika against leaving, and Satvik arrives at the scene. Jeevika applies ointment to Satvik’s hand while disregarding his words. She informs him that she has heard enough and wants to focus on her work. Jeevika suggests that they are compelled to be together and proposes ending their relationship to begin a new life with Supriya. Satvik is shocked by her statement and urges her to stay in the house. That’s all he asks of her.

Supriya encounters Narayan and expresses her uncertainty about his thoughts regarding her. She confesses her deep love for Satvik, with whom she has been in a relationship since their college days. Supriya assures Narayan that she is fully committed to their family as a dedicated daughter-in-law. In response, Narayan reveals that he allowed her to stay in their house solely for Jeevika’s sake, emphasizing that Supriya is his daughter-in-law. Despite this revelation, Supriya secretly resolves to marry Narayan within the next 24 hours.

Later on, Supriya embraces Jeevika and puts on a facade of concern. She informs Jeevika that she has broken the promise she made to her and falsely accuses herself of disrupting Satvik’s birthday plans. Supriya manipulates Jeevika, imploring her to step aside and relinquish her place. In response, Jeevika asserts that Supriya can claim her position once she leaves the house, and she insists that Supriya arrange her wedding with Satvik on the same day.

[Episode End]

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