Agnisakshi 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Jeevika and Shlok witnessing Satvik embracing Supriya. Jeevika is taken aback upon learning that the person he was hugging is Supriya. Overwhelmed with shock, Jeevika suggests to Shlok that they should return home. However, Shlok insists that Jeevika needs to meet the doctor. Jeevika expresses her reluctance, stating that she is not in the right frame of mind at the moment and suggests they meet the doctor later. Rajnandini intervenes and advises Shlok to listen to Jeevika. Once Jeevika and Shlok leave, Supriya approaches Satvik and apologizes to him. She admits that she was fully aware that there was nothing between them and that their relationship had ended. Despite this, she confesses that she cannot stop thinking about him. Satvik reassures her that nothing has changed between them.

Jeevika remains unconscious, and Supriya expresses her sympathy towards her. Supriya is about to share something with Satvik, but Shlok interrupts with a phone call, informing Satvik that Jeevika has regained consciousness. Excusing himself, Satvik hurriedly leaves to attend to Jeevika. Supriya feels disheartened upon witnessing his caring nature towards Jeevika. Meanwhile, Rajnandini empathizes with Jeevika, understanding the pain she must be experiencing upon seeing Satvik and Supriya in such a situation. Rajnandini reveals that she had advised Satvik against meeting Jeevika after their marriage and expresses her disappointment that he did not heed her advice. Rajnandini assures Jeevika that Satvik will not continue meeting Supriya frequently, as she was the one who arranged this alliance for Jeevika.

If Satvik were to betray her, she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself. Jeevika assures her that neither Rajnandini nor Satvik are to blame; it’s their destiny. Rajnandini orchestrated a scene to manipulate Jeevika into believing she was guilty. Rajnandini remembers how Satvik informed her that Supriya wanted to meet him. She insisted that he meet Supriya at any cost, concerned that she might be in trouble. Rajnandini promises to take care of Jeevika and is determined to create a misunderstanding between her and Satvik.

In the meantime, Satvik arrives home and embraces Jeevika. He asks why she left without informing him, expressing his concern for her. Jeevika questions his identity, wondering how he could suddenly show care for her after hating her before. She asks which version of him is real. Satvik explains that he did everything to make her happy. Jeevika questions how she could find happiness after enduring so much pain. He reveals his intention behind pretending to hate her, confessing that he believed they would be separated soon, so he wanted her to develop hatred for him and eventually leave.

Rajnandini discovers from the goons that Rao remains unconscious. She assures him that nobody will know his whereabouts. Jeevika questions how she could possibly hate him, considering he stands up for her whenever she faces trouble and has been a great support to his family. She wonders how she could possibly despise him when he has done so much for them. Satvik expresses his fear that if she remains with him, her destiny might mirror his own, filled with pain. He doesn’t want to witness her suffering, especially since she loves someone like him. Jeevika deserves all the happiness in the world.

Satvik confesses that his feelings for Supriya are not as strong as he had initially believed. Jeevika acknowledges that she witnessed his enduring love for Supriya that day. He still carries a flame for her. He tells Jeevika that he is willing to give anything to her. Jeevika responds by affirming that he will indeed give everything to her. Later on, Satvik prepares tea for Jeevika. Her heart is touched by his care and consideration. He engages in cheerful conversation with her, doing his best to bring a smile to her face. Jeevika always encourages him to smile, and today he looks particularly charming. As she takes a sip of the tea, he praises himself for making such a delicious brew. Jeevika also compliments him on his skills.

He implores her not to consume the drink alone and insists that she share it with him. He forcibly takes it from her and takes a sip. Jeevika inquires if it tastes good, to which Satvik confesses his confusion between salt and sugar. He promises to make another tea for her, but she reassures him that he shouldn’t worry about her as she needs to go to the office. Satvik informs her that he has taken leave because she hasn’t fully recovered and he needs to take care of her. Jeevika assures him that she is feeling better now. As a gesture, he presents Jeevika with a new phone and urges her to call him if she needs anything.

Later, Rajnandini instructs the assistant to change the equipment, and Sampath instructs the staff to bring all of Rao’s files from the store room. He firmly believes that he cannot handle everything alone. Rajnandini suspects that he is concerned about Jeevika, which is why he is inquiring about everything. Satvik informs Rajnandini that he has prepared tea for her. Rajnandini questions if they plan to display their hatred towards her. He clarifies that it’s not his intention but hers, and he has abandoned his plan. They are going to separate, so there’s no need to demonstrate hatred towards her. Rajnandini asks if he is examining Rao’s file, given that he had many dealings with her. She insists that she will check it instead. However, he denies doing so.

[Episode End]

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