Agnisakshi 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Shlok expressing his desire to have a private conversation with Supriya. Satvik intervenes and engages in a heated argument with her. Sensing the tension, Shlok suggests that they settle their differences after enjoying some snacks. Jeevika, needing a moment to cool down, requests Satvik to fetch her ice cream. She departs from the scene. Satvik then questions Shlok if Jeevika loves him. Shlok responds by affirming his profound love for Jeevika and bursts into laughter. Feeling remorseful, Shlok apologizes to Satvik if his words caused any hurt. Satvik clarifies that they are merely good friends, nothing more. Shlok continues to mock him, asserting that one day Satvik will realize his true feelings for Jeevika.

Meanwhile, Supriya ponders over the identity of the person blackmailing her. Surprisingly, the blackmailer hasn’t demanded any monetary compensation. An eerie feeling engulfs her, but she tries to reassure herself that the perpetrator wouldn’t dare to enter her house. Suddenly, a video of Supriya’s confession starts playing, leaving everyone shocked. Desperately, Supriya attempts to remove the screen, but her efforts prove futile. Disconnecting the video, she insists that it’s a fabrication and not her true confession. Satvik questions her, asking who could know her better than herself. Supriya insists that she is innocent and someone manipulated the video to frame her. Satvik inquires about the identity of the culprit, to which Supriya responds, expressing doubt if he would believe her words.

Satvik reassures her of his trust and believes that she wouldn’t falsely implicate anyone. Supriya then accuses Jeevika of orchestrating the entire incident out of revenge, fueled by Satvik’s affection for her. Supriya considered Jeevika a friend, but now suspects her motives. Jeevika vehemently denies any involvement in the matter. In a surprising turn of events, Satvik begins applauding, leaving Ruhi and Rajnandini dumbfounded. Confused, Supriya questions his applause, and Satvik confesses that he doesn’t know how to whistle. She queries why he believes Jeevika, considering the past incidents where she wasn’t trusted. Satvik firmly states that he blindly trusts Jeevika, but not Supriya. He claims to be aware of the true culprit behind all the chaos.

He discloses to them that he was responsible for all these actions. Supriya asserts that he is attempting to protect Jeevika. Satvik denies it, believing that she underestimates his intelligence and thinks she can easily deceive him. Shlok reveals that he informed Satvik about Supriya’s misdeeds. Satvik tells Supriya that he contemplated playing along with her, planning to make her confess. He adds that she is not acting alone and has someone assisting her. Rajnandini becomes anxious, fearing that Supriya might mention her name out of fear. Supriya claims it is a lie and that he cannot shatter her dreams. She questions why Jeevika is even involved in this situation. He explains that destiny has brought Jeevika into the picture. Supriya argues that everyone eventually discovers the truth, so she doesn’t need to pretend anymore. She confesses her true intentions to everyone, admitting to all the schemes she plotted against Jeevika. She even calls Jeevika a fool. Ruhi pleads with Rajnandini to help her, fearing she will be trapped in this game. Rajnandini asks Shlok why he didn’t reveal the truth to her if he had already discovered it. Shlok explains that Satvik asked him to keep it hidden.

Supriya asserts that she did everything for Satvik and asks her not to repeat the same question. Satvik questions why she betrayed him, to which Supriya responds that she did it for money. She was taught by someone that money is more important than family. Satvik is willing to leave everything for their love, but Supriya doesn’t consider herself a fool to do the same. She claims to know how emotionally vulnerable he is and she realized it when she met him. Supriya admits that Satvik’s good looks and wealth make everyone fall in love with him, including herself. She confesses her love for him and admits that his money holds significance for her. Shlok asks her why she broke up with Satvik if money is so important to her. Supriya reveals that someone paid her to do it all. Jeevika inquires about the identity of the person who paid her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Satvik will insist that Supriya departs. He will shatter the mirror, asserting that love is both blind and deceitful. Jeevika will provide solace and support to him during this difficult time. Subsequently, Supriya will aim a gun at Jeevika.

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