Agnisakshi 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Rajnandini inquiring Jeevika about her recent date. Rajnandini warns her that if Jeevika messed up the date, she would confront Satvik. Jeevika lies to Rajnandini that the date went well and that her date gifted her an unforgettable memory. However, Ruhi interjects, stating that she is not interested in Jeevika’s affairs. Rajnandini accuses Ruhi of exacerbating her situation and asserts that Jeevika is enduring everything for her husband.

Shortly after, Mr. Rao contacts Jeevika and requests to have a crucial conversation with her. Jeevika is hesitant to talk to him after what he did to Satvik. However, Rao discloses that he is concerned about Satvik’s safety as he is in danger. Jeevika inquires about the matter, but Rao insists on discussing it in person. Meanwhile, Rajnandini’s goons inform her of the situation, and she orders them to eliminate Rao, as he betrayed her.

As Jeevika tries to warn Satvik of the impending danger, the plot thickens.

Satvik informs Jeevika that there is nothing between them and they will only be staying together for a few days. However, he notices that she has a fever and gives Adaya some tablets to give to Jeevika. Satvik advises Adaya to take good care of Jeevika’s health. Despite this, Jeevika refuses to take the tablets and follows Satvik. Adaya shares with Swara that Jeevika refused to take her medicine, leading Swara to suspect that there may be something going on between Satvik and Jeevika. However, she does not mention her suspicions to Adaya. Swara contemplates discussing her concerns with Shlok.

In the meantime, Satvik confides in his staff that he has a feeling that something is not right and suggests that he should speak to his family to alleviate his stress. This is a new sensation for him, as he has never experienced this before.

Jeevika and Mr. Rao’s meeting was cut short when goons arrived and informed Rajnandini about it. Despite Rajnandini’s indifference, Mr. Rao offered evidence to prove his sincerity to her. However, before they could continue their conversation, the goons abducted them, leaving Jeevika and Mr. Rao shocked and helpless. Jeevika attempted to call Satvik for help, but the goons threw her phone away.

Meanwhile, Adaya grew concerned when Jeevika failed to return home. Satvik tried to reassure her that Jeevika was fine and advised her not to disturb her. However, Adaya was still worried and called Swara for information. Unfortunately, Swara had not seen Jeevika either. Shlok informed Satvik of the situation, and they attempted to call Jeevika’s phone. To their surprise, a stranger picked up and informed them that they had found the phone on the roadside, leaving Satvik in shock.

Rajnandini initiates a video call with the goons and is delighted to see that Rao is being held captive. However, her happiness is short-lived as she is taken aback upon seeing Jeevika there as well. Rajnandini discloses to the goons that she is Satvik’s wife and demands them to release Jeevika immediately. She assumes that Rao may have divulged the truth to Jeevika, which could pose a threat to her plans. She cannot afford to take any risks and knows that this is her only chance. Rajnandini orders the goons to kill Jeevika.

Meanwhile, Adaya and Swara are concerned about Jeevika’s safety. Rajnandini pretends to inquire about Jeevika but prevents them from filing a police complaint. She questions Satvik if he had an argument with Jeevika, to which he responds that Jeevika would not trouble anyone in such a way.

Jeevika manages to free herself and intends to rescue Rao. However, Rao insists that she leave and hands over evidence to her. Swara inquires about Satvik and Jeevika’s relationship, but Satvik denies any connection and urges her to locate Jeevika quickly. Jeevika successfully escapes from the goons.

[Episode End]

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