Agnisakshi 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Supriya insisting that Satvik should marry her. Jeevika admonishes Supriya, stating that she is crossing her limits. Supriya retorts by questioning if Jeevika is jealous, as she was envious when Jeevika was with Satvik. Supriya claims that if Satvik marries her, she wouldn’t harm anyone present. However, if he refuses her proposal, she cannot guarantee what might happen. She simply asks Satvik to marry her. Meanwhile, Shlok fervently prays for divine intervention to protect Jeevika.

Narayanan confronts Supriya, asserting that she may compel Satvik into marrying her, but she will never gain his love. He assures her that nobody will accept her actions. Undeterred, Supriya vows not to spare anyone. Narayanan, prioritizing the safety of his children, explains that he doesn’t care about his own life. Rajnandini apologizes on his behalf to Supriya, emphasizing that she is robbing her of her rightful place. Rajnandini expresses her discontent with the prolonged waiting period caused by Shlok, which Satvik disapproved of. Supriya demands that Satvik give her the vermilion, urging him to apply it on her hairline. Satvik reprimands her, stating that she has lost the last bit of respect in his heart. He reminds her that she forgot to purchase the nuptial chain and points out that Jeevika is wearing it. Thus, he questions why she should acquire it from elsewhere.

Jeevika firmly declares that the nuptial chain belongs to her. Supriya argues that if Jeevika can utilize her husband, why shouldn’t she make use of her nuptial chain? She questions Jeevika’s intention behind wearing a nuptial chain belonging to someone else’s husband, as it might lead to people gossiping about her. Satvik becomes furious with Supriya’s remarks. Supriya warns Jeevika to stay away, while Rajnandini suggests to Ruhi that they still have the option to restrain her and advises Shlok to call the police. Rajnandini claims that she has no other choice in this situation. Jeevika firmly informs Supriya that she won’t allow her to touch her nuptial chain. In an act of aggression, Supriya fires a gunshot at the wall, alarming everyone. Satvik rushes to check if Jeevika is unharmed, while Jeevika maintains her composure in the face of Supriya’s aggression. Supriya demands that Jeevika hand over the nuptial chain to her. Both Rajnandini and Satvik urge Jeevika to surrender the nuptial chain, emphasizing that Supriya cannot obtain Satvik’s love through such means. They make it clear that Supriya cannot snatch Satvik away from Jeevika. Infuriated, Jeevika slaps Supriya, who responds by pointing a gun at her.

Ruhi informs Rajnandini about Supriya’s astonishment over Jeevika’s unexpected slap. Rajnandini remarks that love can be unpredictable at times. Supriya reveals her willingness to give up her marital bond during her wedding. Jeevika explains that she was willing to sacrifice her own marriage because she believed Satvik was happy with her and loved her. However, she now realizes that Satvik’s affection stems from her wealth, not genuine love. Realizing his unhappiness, Jeevika declares her intention to fight for her rightful place as his wife. Jeevika sternly warns Supriya that she won’t allow her to take the nuptial chain without a fight, even if it means going to extremes. She even challenges Supriya to shoot her.

Concerned, Narayanan urges Shlok to find a way to stop Supriya. Rajnandini suggests attacking Supriya from behind since she seems too agitated to listen to reason. Narayanan worries about the potential harm to Jeevika and suggests praying to God instead. In frustration, Rajnandini expresses a desire to witness a heart attack in front of her. Satvik pleads with Jeevika to end this drama and checks if she is okay. Supriya confronts Satvik, accusing him of caring for someone else in her presence. Satvik dismisses Jeevika as an outsider and blames himself for prolonging the love triangle and allowing her to stay in the house. Satvik firmly tells Supriya that he won’t marry her, considering Jeevika as the rightful daughter-in-law of the house. Jeevika pretends to listen to Satvik’s words. Satvik asks her for a gun, and Supriya adds that there is one more unfinished matter — her dislike of sharing her belongings since childhood. She points the gun at Satvik, but Rajnandini intervenes and strikes her from behind.

Rajnandini justifies her action as an attempt to save Satvik’s life. Jeevika reassures her that she doesn’t need to apologize, as Supriya acted out of anger and forgot everything else. The police arrive to arrest Supriya. Shlok reveals that Rajnandini had called the police. Supriya belittles them, claiming they are foolish for blindly trusting someone they don’t fully understand. She asserts that Rajnandini is the mastermind behind it all and is determined to destroy their family.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jeevika will convey to Satvik her willingness to forgo the nuptial chain to save his life, while emphasizing that she is not willing to sacrifice her own life. Rajnandini inquires of Satvik about his feelings for Jeevika.

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