Agnisakshi 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with Jeevika making a shocking revelation to everyone present, stating that they have already filed for a divorce. Shlok, skeptical of her words, accuses her of lying, firmly believing that she still harbors love for him. Jeevika, however, asserts that she has concealed her feelings from everyone to spare them from hurt. Prateep intervenes, suggesting that someone may be manipulating Jeevika’s decision. She firmly insists that she genuinely desired the divorce, despite Satvik’s persistent attempts to change her mind. Frustrated, Satvik implores her to cease discussing the matter and abruptly walks away.

In response, Jeevika warns Satvik about the ominous implications of repeatedly abandoning the wedding rituals. Satvik questions her, expressing his disappointment that she only seems focused on this marriage and refuses to address anything else. Jeevika remains silent, leaving Satvik perplexed. He demands an explanation for her need to disclose the divorce to everyone, criticizing her for misleading them about her desire to end the marriage. Prateep also seeks clarification, aware of Jeevika’s love for Satvik and her tendency to always take his side during arguments.

Prateep insists that Jeevika should confess whether or not she loves Satvik, urging her to look into his eyes. Jeevika’s mind flashes back to the moment when Satvik vented his frustration and professed his love for Supriya. Satvik accuses Jeevika of lying and being unwilling to unveil the truth. Jeevika counters, assuring them that she is ready to reveal the truth and admits that she doesn’t love Satvik. Her words leave everyone waiting in suspense, while Satvik breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile, Shlok and Swara engage in a conversation about Jeevika’s decision, unaware that Ruhi is observing them. On the other hand, Supriya confides in Rajnandini, expressing her dismay at their disrupted wedding plans. She reveals that Satvik is now prepared to elope from the mandap. Rajnandini cautions her to lower her voice, reminding her that someone might overhear. Supriya insists that she needs Satvik and Pallavi retorts that she won’t get him, criticizing Supriya’s audacity to marry another man. The two women engage in a heated argument, with Supriya asserting that Pallavi shouldn’t eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.

Later, Prateep informs Satvik that Jeevika still loves him deeply. Satvik, unable to believe his ears, denies Prateep’s statement, arguing that if Jeevika truly loved him, she wouldn’t force him to marry someone else.

Pallavi questioned Jeevika about the situation, asking why she was arranging her husband’s wedding with someone else. She couldn’t fathom who would make such a decision. Pallavi believed that if she were in Jeevika’s position, she would have kicked that lady out of the house. She emphasized that once Jeevika was married, her husband’s house became her own, and her parents’ house would be closed off to her forever. Swara interjected, stating that Pallavi had no authority to speak on such matters. Pallavi retorted that she wasn’t a servant who had to endure everything quietly. Prateep intervened, questioning if Pallavi had lost her mind. Pallavi explained that she was merely explaining their traditions to Swara. According to their customs, a woman had to stay in her husband’s house until her death, as they believed in marrying to live together for seven lifetimes. Pallavi expressed concern about the consequences of Swara making hasty decisions and how it would affect her marriage and Janvi’s life. Swara complained that she hadn’t done anything for Janvi. Prateep silenced her, and Jeevika requested them not to argue for her sake. Jeevika assured Swara that she wouldn’t return home and also wouldn’t stay in this house. Meanwhile, Ruhi informed Rajnandini that Jeevika was willing to leave her family for Satvik. Rajnandini praised it as true love and asked Ruhi if she was alright.

Jeevika handed the garland to Satvik, and Supriya and Satvik exchanged garlands. Jeevika touched Satvik, but he pushed her hand away. He questioned her happiness, and she assured him that she was indeed happy. Adaya couldn’t believe that the wedding had taken place and pleaded for it to be stopped. Narayanan clarified that only Satvik wanted to halt the wedding, as Adaya wished to marry Jeevika. Narayanan believed that Satvik hadn’t realized his true feelings yet. Supriya expressed her joy to Satvik, while Jeevika stated her intention to fetch the nuptial chain. Satvik asked if she wanted to leave the house as soon as possible. Supriya pondered whether he had developed feelings for her in the past two months and concluded that since he was marrying her, it was sufficient. Jeevika became emotional upon seeing the nuptial chain, and Rajnandini urged her to do it for Satvik’s happiness. Jeevika gazed at her nuptial chain, overcome with emotion, while Rajnandini reminded her that she was still Satvik’s wife and had to wear it. Later, Satvik noticed the nuptial chain around Jeevika’s neck and asked if she was certain about the wedding, emphasizing that she couldn’t back off from her decision. He promised to fulfill her desires if she was happy. Her tears fell onto his hand.

[Episode End]

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