Agnisakshi 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Narayanan informing Rajnandini that Jeevika will be responsible for checking the accounts and will start working at the office the following day. Rajnandini expresses her lack of mental preparedness for the task. She explains that she cannot handle the pressure in such a short time. Narayanan acknowledges her concerns and expresses his desire to do something for her considering everything she has been through. He mentions that he can appoint someone else for the job, but Jeevika is the only trustworthy person that comes to his mind. He urges Rajnandini to join the office, and she assures him that she will.

Meanwhile, Ruhi approaches Rajnandini and criticizes Narayanan for his foolishness in assigning the responsibility to her. Ruhi points out that Jeevika lacks the knowledge of accounts and experience in handling such significant financial matters. Rajnandini acknowledges Ruhi’s perspective and appreciates her idea.

Satvik congratulates Jeevika on her new position in his office and expresses his happiness for her. Jeevika feels nervous about what to wear and how to handle her new responsibilities. Satvik tries to calm her down and suggests that she check the box he gave her. Inside the box, Jeevika finds a watch. She expresses her liking for it, and Satvik asks her how she knew he would like it. Jeevika responds that she could guess it. Satvik then shares the sentimental value of the watch and how attached he is to it. Jeevika assures him that she will do her best not to disappoint him. Satvik explains that this is precisely why he gifted her the watch, as he believes she will eventually join him in his office. Jeevika asks if he was aware of it, and he nods in confirmation. Rajnandini’s words to Jeevika resonate in her mind as she recalls their conversation.

She inquires of him whether he enjoys her work. Satvik responds affirmatively, expressing his admiration for her work and contemplating appointing her as a designer. He extends an invitation for her to work with him, teasing her before departing. Jeevika ponders why Rajnandini deceived her. Meanwhile, Shlok confides in Manas about Jeevika joining the office, considering it good news but uncertain about what lies ahead. Manas suggests taking action, prompting Shlok to propose joining them in order to help unite them.

Narayanan arrives on the scene, and Shlok shares his plan with him. Narayanan grants permission for Shlok to join them, recognizing it as a mission to bring them together. Later, Jeevika prepares tea while Rajnandini requests her to make some for her as well. Rajnandini also asks her to check the file she had given earlier. Jeevika states her intention to do so after completing her household chores, expressing that it will take some time. Rajnandini then informs her that she can join her at the office tomorrow. Jeevika questions why Rajnandini had previously told her that Satvik did not approve of her joining. Rajnandini explains that she did not want to witness Satvik expressing his anger towards her, hence why she made that statement. Jeevika finds it difficult to accept the explanation despite believing Rajnandini is telling the truth. Rajnandini informs Jeevika about a meeting she needs to attend and apologizes for not informing her earlier. She requests Jeevika to take care of the household chores as well. Jeevika assures her that she has completed her tasks, receiving blessings from Narayanan who acknowledges her talent.

Shlok urges Jeevika to accompany him, while Rajnandini clarifies that they are not going shopping but to the office. Narayanan discloses that he will also be joining them that day to support Jeevika. Later, Jeevika prays to God, seeking his blessings to not betray his trust. Satvik playfully throws petals at her, remarking that her prayer has been heard. Shlok and Manas tease them, prompting Shlok to remind them about going to the office as they are running late. Satvik offers them a ride, but Manas and Shlok decline, accusing them of creating a spectacle. Jeevika waits for Satvik in the car, growing anxious about being tardy. She confides in him about her lack of confidence in handling everything. Satvik soothes her by feeding her ice cream and assuring her that she will excel on her first day at the office. He expresses his trust in her abilities. Satvik’s mind wanders as he envisions music playing around him, catching Jeevika’s attention. Concerned, she asks him what is wrong, to which he responds that he needs to see a doctor urgently.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rajnandini’s determination to undermine Jeevika’s presence in the office is evident. She intends to create an unwelcoming atmosphere for Jeevika, fostering negative thoughts. As fate would have it, an unexpected incident occurs when someone accidentally spills juice on Jeevika. Adding to the surprise, Jeevika arrives in the office wearing a contemporary outfit, leaving Rajnandini taken aback.

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