Agnisakshi 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Satvik expressing to Narayanan that he had misunderstood something. He questions why Jeevika should leave the house. Narayanan responds by stating that he left the house for Satvik’s happiness. Rajnandini interjects, asking why she should leave the house for his happiness. Narayanan explains that he knows about Satvik’s love for Supriya and Jeevika left the house to bring them together. Shlok and Rajnandini inquire why he didn’t stop her then. Narayanan reveals that he didn’t want her to leave, but she made him promise. Jeevika believed that separating Supriya from Satvik was a mistake, and she didn’t want him to interfere in their happiness. Supriya feels a sense of joy upon hearing this. Meanwhile, Satvik returns to his room, where memories of his moments with Jeevika flood his mind, causing him to break down in tears.

Satvik was taken aback when he received a video message from Jeevika, who wished him a heartfelt happy birthday. In the message, she confessed that she had given him the gift of his first love on his special day, but now they had decided to go their separate ways. Jeevika had poured her heart out to Narayanan about their love, ensuring that he would no longer come between them. She had even extracted a promise from him.

Expressing her deep affection for Satvik, Jeevika acknowledged that he deserved a happy life and didn’t want to linger in his life as a source of resentment. Despite their circumstances, she couldn’t bring herself to hate him. With a final goodbye, Satvik dropped his phone in shock.

Meanwhile, Shlok arrived and embraced Satvik, offering him solace during this challenging time. On the other hand, Rajnandini revealed to Ruhi that she had anticipated Narayanan’s hatred towards Satvik after Jeevika’s departure. To her surprise, Narayanan accepted Supriya for his own happiness. Ruhi admitted that she had intended to expel Jeevika from the house, and it had effortlessly materialized.

Rajnandini berated her sister, considering her foolish for not orchestrating Jeevika’s expulsion and the inclusion of Supriya to inflict emotional devastation on Narayanan. Jeevika had inadvertently disrupted all her plans. Rajnandini urged Ruhi to stop annoying her further and pondered how Narayanan could accept Supriya without any objections. She concluded that Jeevika was the reason behind this unexpected development.

Satvik confides in Shlok, expressing his anguish. He questions why Shlok is troubled about Jeevika. Just then, Sidhi calls, delivering the news that Jeevika hasn’t returned home. Satvik confirms that she has been away since morning and assures Sidhi that he will search for her. Sidhi shares her disappointment, mentioning her intention to stay with Jeevika for a few days, but since she hasn’t arrived yet, she feels undeserving of Satvik. She predicts that he will eventually regret his decision. Satvik assures Sidhi that he will locate Jeevika. Later, Rajnandini laments to Narayanan, criticizing Satvik for his actions. She questions how he could betray Jeevika for a past love. Narayanan acknowledges her perspective, explaining that he was compelled to comply due to a promise Jeevika had extracted from him. Satvik updates Shlok, revealing that Jeevika is still missing and hasn’t returned home.

Supriya tells Satvik that Jeevika has already left the house, questioning the need to search for her. She believes that if Jeevika truly wants to return home, she will do so on her own. To Supriya, it doesn’t matter. Satvik, however, expresses that it does matter to him. In an attempt to find Jeevika, he checks the tracing app. Supriya dismisses the app, stating that it won’t be of any use. Satvik, however, discovers that the app shows Jeevika’s location at the factory. Supriya becomes worried, fearing the worst. She implores him to stop worrying about Jeevika and spend his birthday with her instead. Satvik insists that Jeevika is his priority.

Ruhi comments that Jeevika shouldn’t have created this drama before leaving. Satvik defends Jeevika, emphasizing that she is still his wife. Rajnandini scolds Ruhi for speaking in such a manner. She realizes that something has happened in the house without her knowledge, which is a first.

Satvik arrives at the factory, strongly sensing that Jeevika is inside. However, everyone advises him not to waste his time there. Unbeknownst to them, Jeevika is trapped inside an old car where poisonous gas has leaked.

[Episode End]

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