Agnisakshi 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Juhi accusing Jeevika of stealing her childhood dream. She engages in a heated argument with Jeevika and even pushes her down. Satvik intervenes, defending Jeevika’s innocence. However, Juhi complains that they are unaware of her true nature and claims that she is betraying them. Rajnandini attempts to slap Juhi, but Jeevika stops her, advising her not to resort to violence. She suggests that Juhi is merely expressing her anger towards her, much like a child would, and encourages her to understand her mistake and not bear grudges. Jeevika apologizes to Juhi, who then leaves the scene.

Later on, Satvik apologizes to Jeevika for the chaos caused by Juhi. He acknowledges that Juhi blamed Jeevika for his mistake. Jeevika empathizes with Juhi’s pain, admitting that she was the one behind his decision and has no knowledge of office work. She believes she should distance herself from office matters. Satvik reassures her, expressing that she shouldn’t be too hard on herself and that nobody, including himself, possesses her talents. He shares an incident where Jeevika helped him find missing files with her exceptional sketching skills and praised her unique ideas. Satvik commends her abilities, emphasizing that she is as capable as anyone else and expresses his pride in her. Grateful, Jeevika thanks him for his support. Satvik encourages her to rejoin the company and asks if she truly loves the family and is content with her life here. Jeevika affirms her love for everyone but hesitates when asked about her love for Satvik, claiming she forgot and hurriedly leaves the scene.

Adaya approaches Satvik, expressing her disapproval of Juhi’s behavior towards Jeevika. She worries that Jeevika might consider leaving the house, as Adaya has already lost her mother. Tearfully, she embraces Satvik, seeking comfort and assurance. Satvik consoles her, assuring her that Jeevika is fine now. Concerned for Satvik’s well-being, Adaya notices them sleeping separately and inquires about it. Satvik lies, telling her that he has a cough, which is why they are sleeping apart. Adaya accepts his explanation and departs. Satvik realizes that Adaya has noticed their separate sleeping arrangements and feels compelled to take some action.

Later, Juhi vents her anger at Rajnandini. Rajnandini reveals that she transferred money to Juhi’s account as a means to heal her broken heart. She advises Juhi not to tarnish her reputation in front of others, as there are numerous opportunities available to her.

Rajnandini tells Jeevika that she must marry Shlok and settle down, as Jeevika is solely focused on her modeling career. Rajnandini plans to ensure that Jeevika always works in the kitchen, intending to destroy their family. She wants to prevent Jeevika from going to the office. Meanwhile, Rajnandini believes she needs to find evidence against Jeevika. On the other hand, Jeevika is worried about Satvik and doesn’t want to disappoint him. She also needs to take care of Narayanan’s health, leaving her in a dilemma. She realizes she must balance both responsibilities.

Later, Rajnandini thinks that Jeevika has finally returned to her rightful place when she sees Jeevika cooking in the kitchen. Rajnandini asks her what she is preparing especially for her. She mentions having a dream where she discovered the truth. Jeevika recalls the pen Mr. Rao gave her and wishes to share it with Rajnandini, but Rajnandini has already left. Jeevika decides she needs to find out the reason behind receiving the pen but doesn’t want to trouble Rajnandini.

Afterward, Jeevika helps Satvik locate his wallet. Satvik suggests they sleep together in bed, shocking Jeevika. He explains that Adaya saw them sleeping separately and they need to maintain appearances. Jeevika understands what he means, and he imagines music playing around him.

Meanwhile, Rajnandini notices that the accounts department is empty and asks Ramesh about it. However, he has no idea. Shrada informs Rajnandini that Jeevika isn’t coming to the office, so everyone goes to her house to work instead. Later, Juhi asks Adaya what is happening and if they are from the income tax department. Adaya informs her that they are working for Jeevika. Satvik tells Rajnandini that Jeevika is handling the anniversary of Savitri Silks. Rajnandini questions whether it’s right to put such pressure on her, but Satvik explains that Narayanan entrusted her with the responsibility. Jeevika will also work with him on the wedding silk designs. Satvik believes she can balance both her household duties and company responsibilities. Rajnandini realizes that her plan has been thwarted by Satvik.

[Episode End]

Precap : Narayanan will approach Jeevika, revealing an alarming discovery of a major blunder within their company. Urgently, he implores her to also investigate Savithri’s financial accounts. Simultaneously, Baba confides in Jeevika, expressing his belief that she has been chosen by a higher power to protect their family from imminent danger.

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