Agnisakshi 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Supriya confronting Satvik, expressing her desire to know who his partner is. To her surprise, it turns out to be Rajnandini. Confused and defensive, Rajnandini questions why Supriya is accusing her. Supriya responds by stating that she merely returned the favor Rajnandini had previously bestowed upon her. Supriya reveals that it was Rajnandini who had urged her to break Satvik’s heart and create chaos. Supposedly, Rajnandini had even offered money as an incentive. Supriya emphasizes that despite the blind trust people place in Rajnandini, perceiving her as a divine figure, she is actually a malevolent force. Supriya firmly asserts that she will not let Rajnandini off the hook and vows to seek revenge.

Narayanan, puzzled by Supriya’s accusations, questions Rajnandini’s side of the story. In response, Rajnandini vehemently denies any wrongdoing, claiming that she had fainted at the time in question and had no involvement in the situation. Narayanan questions why they should believe Supriya over Rajnandini, considering they had trusted Rajnandini thus far. Jeevika, remorseful for having trusted Rajnandini, acknowledges her mistake. She acknowledges that her trust in Supriya was a misjudgment, rather than the fault lying with Jeevika or Rajnandini. Narayanan reassures Rajnandini, stating that Supriya must have orchestrated the entire scenario and that it was not their fault. He urges them to allow Rajnandini some rest.

Shlok notices Jeevika’s preoccupied state and inquires about it. Jeevika expresses sympathy for Rajnandini, feeling sorry for her plight. Later, Rajnandini reflects on the situation, realizing that she was close to being caught in the act. She acknowledges that she believed she had won at everything and thought her game was over. Rajnandini expresses confidence that Supriya would be unable to accomplish her objectives.

Meanwhile, Jeevika and Satvik refuse to be separated from each other, demonstrating their unwavering commitment. Satvik stops Jeevika and reproaches her for engaging in an argument with Supriya instead of simply handing over the nuptial chain. He lectures her about risking her life to protect his, insisting that she owes him an apology. Jeevika responds by saying that she is only willing to apologize halfway. She explains that she will continue to act in the same manner as she did that day, refusing to sacrifice her nuptial chain for anyone. Satvik appreciates her sarcasm and questions why she arranged her wedding with Supriya and was willing to sacrifice her nuptial chain for her. Jeevika clarifies that she did it for his happiness and emphasizes that she is prepared to sacrifice her nuptial chain to save his life, but not for her own well-being.

Narayanan meets Rajnandini and expresses his struggle with insomnia. Rajnandini acknowledges that whatever unfolds today won’t bring peaceful sleep to anyone. She mentions the multitude of problems Jeevika and Satvik have faced since their marriage. Rajnandini believes that Jeevika’s decision to bring Supriya into their home has created unnecessary drama and led to numerous complications. Narayanan disagrees, stating that it was the right decision. He believes that if Supriya hadn’t come, Satvik wouldn’t have realized her true colors and wouldn’t have fully understood his love for Jeevika. Narayanan suggests that they should now consider the possibility of having a baby. This reminds Rajnandini that Jeevika faced difficulties in becoming a mother.

The next morning, Satvik wakes up and admires the way Jeevika peacefully sleeps. He recalls precious moments they’ve shared together. Satvik tenderly cares for Jeevika’s hair, causing her to feel apprehensive. He reassures her that he was merely removing an eyelash, which he places in her hand and encourages her to make a wish and blow it away, just like they used to do in their childhood. Jeevika prays and blows the eyelash, hoping her wish will come true.

Meanwhile, Rajnandini receives a call and happily receives some good news. Satvik, still on the phone, admires Jeevika’s beauty. Curious, Jeevika asks him why he’s staring at her like that. Satvik playfully advises her to apply kajal (eyeliner) and join the others downstairs, while he takes away any potential negative energy by using a protective amulet. Jeevika is surprised by his playful gesture.

Suddenly, a fortune teller appears in front of Jeevika’s house, seemingly trying to communicate a warning. Later, Rajnandini questions Satvik about his well-being after the events of the previous day. She asks if he can trust anyone in his life again and expresses concern about the possibility of betrayal.

[Episode End]

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