Agnisakshi 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Shlok inquiring of Satvik whether he is upset with Jeevika, highlighting her immense sacrifices for him and how there seems to be nothing left now. Satvik responds, stating that it is not a matter of humor. Shlok insists that it is not a laughing matter to let her go, questioning why Satvik had tears in his eyes when Jeevika was unconscious, and pointing out that he couldn’t even breathe properly. Satvik dismisses it as an exaggeration. Shlok urges him to face reality. Meanwhile, Supriya confides in Jeevika, expressing her helplessness. Jeevika questions the nature of the helplessness that compels a wife to arrange her husband’s marriage in front of her. She refuses to facilitate Satvik’s marriage to Supriya, despite being legally married to him. Supriya had hoped Jeevika would understand, but feels that Jeevika does not believe her tears. Jeevika reassures her that Satvik will marry her once she leaves. However, Supriya confesses that she can no longer wait and Jeevika responds by stating that Supriya must wait until their divorce is finalized, firmly asserting that she will never arrange their marriage. Jeevika walks away.

Satvik confides in Narayan, admitting that he had no idea Jeevika would leave. Narayan points out that Satvik is unaware of the circumstances that led Jeevika to make such a drastic decision. Satvik argues that they never had any communication problems and were always open about their feelings. Narayan advises him not to miss the opportunity for a second chance. Swara approaches Jeevika and embraces her, prompting Jeevika to comment on Swara’s sudden remembrance. Swara claims to have remembered Jeevika every day and Jeevika expresses how much she missed her. Swara asks why Jeevika was leaving her home. She reveals that Aadhya informed her about everything. Jeevika explains that sometimes complex relationship issues cannot be resolved. She clarifies to Swara that she and Satvik are merely friends and nothing more, emphasizing that someone asked her something impossible.

Supriya confides in Rajnandini, sharing that she approached Jeevika to arrange her marriage with Satvik. However, Jeevika refused, assuming that Supriya was driven by a desire for wealth. Supriya questions if Rajnandini suspects her of being motivated by wealth, similar to their own family. Feeling inferior due to her lack of education, Supriya contemplates leaving, burdened by the weight of their curses.

In response, Rajnandini asserts that if someone other than Jeevika had been involved, she would have slapped Supriya hard. She points out that Supriya always asks for things as if they were favors. Rajnandini assures Supriya that if she wants to marry Satvik, it will happen, and Jeevika herself will arrange it.

At that moment, Jeevika descends the stairs. Supriya notices her approach and begins to move towards Satvik, but Aadhya intervenes and inquires about her well-being. Supriya confirms that she is fine. Swara positions Jeevika next to Satvik, who is about to cut the cake. Shlok lights the candles, and everyone joins in singing the happy birthday song. Satvik proceeds to cut the cake, with Shlok suggesting that he first offer a piece to someone dear. Satvik agrees and asks Jeevika to have the first bite. Jeevika appears surprised, and Satvik questions if she heard what Shlok said, emphasizing their proximity both physically and as friends. He insists that she take a bite of the cake. Jeevika reciprocates by feeding him a piece as well. Supriya grows angry witnessing the exchange.

Shortly after, Jeevika receives a phone call and excuses herself. It’s the lawyer’s assistant on the line, informing her that Satvik isn’t answering his calls. The assistant mentions that during their previous conversation, Satvik had requested a halt to the divorce proceedings.

Swara expresses her gratitude towards Aadhya and Shlok, who helped her in some way. However, an argument ensues between Shlok and Swara. Aadhya speculates that Shlok might be in love with Swara’s voice, considering how often he listens to her. At that moment, Juhi arrives and mocks Swara for showing up uninvited. Satvik takes the crockery from the table, and Jeevika instructs him to join everyone else, as it is his birthday. Satvik, however, requests Jeevika not to disturb him and accidentally drops a bowl. In the process, their heads collide. Satvik playfully suggests that Jeevika should collide her head with his again, and Aadhya remarks that they often encounter bad luck. Jeevika questions Satvik about why he asked the lawyer to halt the divorce proceedings. Satvik admits that when he made the decision, he was unaware of the consequences. Jeevika offers to speak to their father, but Satvik insists on handling it his way. Jeevika expresses her desire to assist him, but Rajnandini interrupts and claims that Satvik is acting in Jeevika’s best interest. Satvik asserts that he is capable of making his own decisions. Shlok inquires about Rajnandini’s statement, and she clarifies that she overheard him by mistake. Rajnandini reveals that the reason for Satvik’s hesitation in the divorce is Jeevika herself, as he doesn’t want to separate from her. Jeevika is surprised and asks for the reason behind it. Rajnandini pretends to be sad and explains that Satvik feels guilty, sympathetic, and remorseful towards her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jeevika assures Satvik that his first marriage will fade from memory, as their second wedding will be a magnificent affair. Together, they descend the stairs, adorned in their elegant wedding attire.

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