Agnisakshi 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Satvik inquiring if Jeevika is content with their decision. She assures him of her happiness, and her smile confirms it. In turn, he expresses his own happiness, stating that he will fulfill her wishes if they bring her joy. As her tears fall onto his hand, Satvik becomes perplexed.

Meanwhile, Shlok confides in Swara, adamant about preventing the wedding from proceeding. However, Rajnandini asserts that they should not meddle in their life decisions, emphasizing that the wedding will indeed take place. Unbeknownst to them, Jeevika conceals herself behind a door, observing Satvik and Supriya while concealing her tears. She reflects on her decision, offering an apology to God, as she believes it is her only means of bringing happiness to Satvik. She determines not to leave empty-handed, taking the symbolic nuptial chain with her.

In the midst of this, Satvik searches for Jeevika and catches a glimpse of her tearful reflection in the mirror. The priest prompts Satvik to adorn Supriya with the nuptial chain, but Jeevika flees, unable to witness the scene. Satvik hesitates, reluctant to proceed with tying the nuptial chain on Supriya. Subsequently, Pallavi vents her frustrations to Rajnandini, issuing a threat to expose her dark side to everyone. Rajnandini feigns fear, but asserts that she will be the one to frighten everyone, disregarding the threats. She warns Pallavi about the consequences of exposing her, reminding her of the consequences it would bring to her own position in the household, and also mentioning her husband. Pallavi glares at her in response.

Jeevika reminisces about her wedding and succumbs to tears, questioning why these events are unfolding in her life. Satvik gently touches her shoulder, recalling the events that transpired on the wedding stage. Supriya, attempting to lighten the mood, playfully asks Satvik why he left the mandap (wedding altar). She teases him, declaring her love for him and noting his reciprocation. Satvik, however, confesses that he cannot marry her. The news brings joy to everyone except Rajnandini, who questions Satvik’s sanity and accuses him of losing his senses. Satvik, resolute and back in touch with reality, asserts that although most rituals have been completed, the nuptial chain still remains in his possession. Rajnandini insists that Jeevika will never accept this, but Satvik believes he can make her understand. If she doesn’t comprehend his decision, he vows not to marry Supriya, having already tied the nuptial chain to Jeevika. He hastily flees the scene, and Supriya tries to follow. Pallavi intervenes, preventing Supriya from pursuing Satvik, while Shlok and Adaya mock her. Narayanan reminds everyone that he had previously informed them that only Satvik possesses the power to halt the wedding.

Rajnandini reveals that she orchestrated everything, so they are indirectly mocking her. She believes she would have laughed at them if Satvik had married Supriya. Later, Satvik questions Jeevika about her presence there and notes her apparent happiness, to which she lies. He tells her that he can’t see a genuine smile on her face. Jeevika counters by asking why he is there, as he should have been with Supriya since they are married. Satvik clarifies that he was married, but to Jeevika. Jeevika urges him not to toy with her and reminds him that they have to complete the marriage rituals together. The priest is present, and Jeevika eagerly anticipates witnessing Satvik’s wedding. He questions her about her fake smiles and asks why she is going through all of this. Jeevika responds, claiming that she is doing it all for his happiness. Satvik questions whether he ever expressed his desire to marry Supriya and asks whom he truly wants in his life and wishes to be with. He accuses Jeevika of making the decision without considering his wishes.

Pallavi humiliates Supriya, asserting that she needs to learn manners. Adaya and Shlok join in the mockery. Rajnandini intervenes, requesting them to stop teasing Supriya. In response, Supriya vows to take revenge on them. Satvik asserts that Jeevika only knows how to cry or smile, always fixated on weddings. He clarifies that he never told anyone about his intention to marry Supriya, and he has no plans to marry her today or in the future. Jeevika questions him, asking if he doesn’t love Supriya anymore. He admits that he no longer loves her and has moved on in his life, thanks to Jeevika. Satvik urges Jeevika to put an end to this drama and go with him.

Jeevika refuses to accompany Satvik, asserting that just because he may not love Supriya doesn’t mean everything is fine between them. She informs him that she knows about their divorce and states that she won’t go with him until he shows her where she truly stands in his life.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jeevika approached Satvik, curious about why he was packing his belongings. In response, he expressed his frustration, pointing out that she never shared anything with him. If she wasn’t willing to confide in him, why should he feel compelled to do the same? Observing the exchange, Supriya decided to join them. Satvik took the opportunity to remind her that he had taken vows with her during their wedding rituals, promising to stand by her side no matter what. Therefore, he asserted his intention to stay wherever she was planning to go.

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