Agnisakshi 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Shlok playfully teasing Satvik about missing Jeevika. Satvik abruptly halts the car and steps out. Meanwhile, Jeevika is engrossed in examining the accounts and discovers numerous duplicate entries. Narayanan approaches her, inquiring about the situation. Jeevika reveals that despite dealing with the company for five years, there is no trace of its existence. Impressed with his decision, Narayanan acknowledges Jeevika’s appointment to investigate further. He humbly admits his unworthiness for his position and urges Jeevika to also examine the Savithri silks accounts. Expressing her inability to tackle the task alone, Jeevika receives reassurance from Narayanan that everyone stands by her.

In the meantime, Rajnandini recognizes the urgency of obtaining the pen drive before getting caught. She questions Juhi about the ongoing situation, and Adaya informs her of Guruji’s impending arrival. Rajnandini expresses displeasure upon hearing the news. Shlok discloses to Satvik that Adaya sent him the message.

Satvik finds himself at a loss for words, captivated by Jeevika’s beauty. Shlok continues his playful banter, adding to Satvik’s dilemma. Curious, Juhi asks Rajnandini if Guruji possesses the power to expose her, to which Rajnandini confidently denies. Satvik wrestles with the decision of whether or not to present Jeevika with a gift. Eventually, he decides to gift her anklets. Jeevika’s excitement escalates upon receiving them, expressing her fondness for the melodious sound anklets create. Satvik becomes aware of the harmonious music surrounding him, leading to a nervous state. Assisting Jeevika in wearing the anklets, Satvik openly admires her, proclaiming her beauty. Blushing, Jeevika acknowledges his compliment.

Later on, Guruji arrives at Narayanan’s residence. His assistant questions the reason for the halt, and Guruji responds by sensing negative energy within the house. He declares that it is time to dispel the storm engulfing the household, emphasizing that only the Goddess can save them.

Rajnandini perceives himself as the deity of the household, but in her eyes, he is merely a fool. However, he gave her a fitting response. She asserts that nobody can displace her from this place and claims that she hasn’t imposed any rules on the god. In response, Guruji delivers a fitting reply, stating that she is not a god and her transgressions are accumulating, for which she will soon face consequences. Rajnandini retorts, urging him to contemplate his own actions. As he catches sight of Narayanan, he walks away, seeking his blessings. Narayanan requests Rajnandini to bring him some water, but she refuses, arguing that she has already provided for his sustenance. Guruji acknowledges Rajnandini’s significant contributions to the family and advises her to take some rest. He commends Jeevika and suggests that she should assist Rajnandini if she is not feeling troubled. Satvik expresses that serving Narayanan is their blessing. Guruji informs Narayanan of his desire to speak with him privately. Satvik remarks that Narayanan feels relieved in Guruji’s presence. Rajnandini asks Jeevika if she has discovered any information about their troubles, but Satvik interjects, stating that he won’t intervene in their conversation. Rajnandini displays excessive confidence, believing that Jeevika cannot uncover anything. Later, Guruji discloses to Narayanan that they have been encountering numerous problems lately, to which Narayanan agrees. He confides in Guruji, sharing his anguish about not knowing the whereabouts of his elder son and his distress over their family’s struggles. Guruji provides advice and motivation to Narayanan. Guruji proclaims that the divine will fulfill all of Narayanan’s desires and expresses his desire to meet Jeevika. He counsels Jeevika to be cautious and assures her that she will comprehend everything, as she is destined to save the family. Guruji advises and encourages her, stating that she has been chosen by the divine to rescue the family.

[Episode End]

Precap : Manas and Shlok have decided to organize a delightful evening for Satvik and Jeevika, filled with romance. Satvik and Jeevika will have the opportunity to cherish each other’s company and enjoy some precious moments together.

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