Agnisakshi 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Jeevika expressing to Narayanan that Satvik married her for his own happiness, so why is he preventing her from leaving for the sake of his own happiness? She acknowledges that he also loves her. Narayanan replies, telling Jeevika that he considers her as his daughter, making it difficult for him to accept that she will be gone forever. Jeevika then requests him to fulfill his daughter’s wishes and implores him to make one promise to her. He assures her that he will.

Jeevika pleads with Narayanan not to hinder his own happiness, and he bestows his blessings upon her. Later, Supriya presents Satvik with a shirt, explaining that she carefully chose it for his birthday, putting in a lot of effort. Satvik expresses his gratitude, but questions whether he doesn’t like the shirt or the person who selected it. Supriya tenderly touches his face. Satvik tells her that what she is doing is wrong since he is married to Jeevika. Angered, Supriya storms off. Satvik ponders why he is hurting her if he truly loves Supriya.

Jeevika was overcome with emotion as she watched Shlok and Adaya playing together. Moved by the scene, tears welled up in her eyes. Shlok noticed her tears and curiously asked her why she was crying. In response, she revealed that their presence made her feel like she wasn’t missing her home. Regardless of whether she stayed in this house or not, her love for them would remain unchanged.

Satvik’s mind wandered back to the way he had treated both Jeevika and Supriya. He found himself perplexed by his own behavior. Just then, Shlok approached them and inquired about the situation. Observing Jeevika’s unhappiness with Satvik’s decision, he questioned him further. Satvik, grappling with his thoughts, asked Shlok if Jeevika felt uncomfortable.

Shlok then challenged Satvik to open his eyes and see the truth. He urged him to recognize who truly meant everything to him and who was merely pretending to be a part of his life. Satvik was lost in contemplation, trying to make sense of it all.

Meanwhile, Jeevika began packing her belongings. Siddhi approached her and advised her to reconsider her decision. Jeevika assured her that she had thought it through extensively and believed that leaving was the right choice for both of them. She explained that she had made this decision to ensure Satvik’s happiness, as he deserved it. Siddhi inquired whether she had communicated this to her family members. Jeevika informed her that she had informed Narayanan about her decision and asked Siddhi to put an end to the drama and prepare everything to welcome her. Siddhi nodded in agreement.

Supriya vividly recalls Satvik’s disregard for her and his attentive care towards Jeevika. She wonders why he’s placing such importance on Jeevika, questioning if his preferences have changed. She finds herself unable to stand before them, perplexed by his significant transformation. He’s now neglecting her in favor of Jeevika, but she won’t allow them to grow closer. Satvik belongs to her.

Later, Jeevika playfully covers Satvik’s eyes and leads him to their bedroom. Curious, he asks her for the reason. With a mischievous smile, she claims it’s a surprise. Satvik is taken aback when he sees the birthday surprise waiting for him. He questions if Jeevika arranged everything by herself, and she nods in affirmation. Satvik reveals that Shlok mentioned Jeevika was keeping something hidden from him, and this surprise is likely the reason. Jeevika invites him to dance with her, and he gladly joins her on the dance floor. During the intimate moment, Satvik confesses his desire to never be separated from her, and Jeevika reciprocates those sentiments. They embrace tightly, and tears stream down Supriya’s face.

Concerned, Satvik asks if Supriya is alright. She confesses that she doesn’t wish to spoil his happiness and is willing to do anything to bring it back. All she desires in life is his happiness. Touched by her understanding, Satvik expresses gratitude, acknowledging that her happiness lies in his own.

The next morning, Satvik awakens and inspects the birthday decorations. As he hears a birthday wishes song, he expects Jeevika to be there but is astonished to find Supriya instead. She is dressed in the saree he designed for her.

Supriya expresses her desire to be the first one to wish him, to which he inquires about the reason behind her choice of attire. She explains that Jeevika had informed her that he had specifically designed this saree for her. This reminds him of the moment when he bared his soul and confessed his feelings to her. Satvik begins searching for Jeevika in every possible place, but Narayanan informs him that Jeevika has decided not to return home. Meanwhile, Rajnandini and Supriya are joyously celebrating their victory. Supriya mentions her intention to provide comfort to him, while Rajnandini contemplates her role in shaping everyone’s destiny. Eventually, Narayanan unveils the truth to Satvik, leaving him in a state of utter shock.

[Episode End]

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