Agnisakshi 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with Satvik questioning Jeeva about her destination. Expressing his desire for her to witness his marriage, he insists that she stays put until the wedding concludes. Assuring him of her presence, Jeevika complies. Satvik then urges the priest to initiate the rituals promptly, considering the guests’ waiting time. Narayanan inquires why Jeevika is going through all of this, to which she explains that she has no other option but to bring him happiness. Sharing her inner turmoil, she confides in him, highlighting that their marriage was solely for the sake of familial bliss. Jeevika firmly asserts that she will never leave his side. The priest interjects, requesting to know the whereabouts of the garlands. Jeevika excuses herself to retrieve them.

Rajnandini approaches Jeevika and inquires about her troubles. Jeevika admits to her insensitivity, acknowledging her failure to notice Satvik’s unhappiness during their marriage and the coercion involved. Rajnandini acknowledges the mistake and advises her not to be overly concerned about his pain. She implores Jeevika to spend a few more minutes with her and then leave Satvik forever, emphasizing that no one else would take such a drastic step. Rajnandini pretends to appreciate Jeevika’s sacrifice for Satvik’s happiness, manipulating her emotions. Finally, she instructs Jeevika to present the garland to Satvik, convinced that no force can impede the wedding, not even a divine one.

Jeevika hands over the garland and requests Satvik to adorn it on her. Supriya interjects, asserting that she should be the one to garland him first, dismissing the significance of the rituals. Just as the tension mounts, Prateep arrives and intervenes, putting a halt to the wedding. Perplexed, Prateep questions the ongoing events, while Ruhi queries how they ended up there. Rajnandini confesses her oversight in forgetting about them. Prateep confronts Satvik, expressing his astonishment at his audacity to marry another woman while Jeevika is present. Jeevika intervenes, determined to make Prateep understand the situation. Pallavi, however, refuses to explain anything to them, highlighting the shattered trust within the family. Overwhelmed, Pallavi takes a seat on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. Supriya confronts Satvik, demanding to know if he and Jeevika have experience working in a theater company, insinuating that they are acting. She warns him to cease their plans, or else they will intervene and halt the wedding. Satvik questions why he should stop them, reminding her that Jeevika desired to witness their wedding and that she will make them understand. Supriya challenges him further, asking if he truly wants to marry Jeevika.

Pallavi feigned support for Jeevika and approached Narayanan with a question. She wondered why Jeevika was sent to their house, placing trust in him, and why he hadn’t intervened to stop her. Jeevika reprimanded Pallavi, advising her not to speak in such a manner about Narayanan. Pallavi retorted, accusing Jeevika of not caring about her parents and questioning what would happen when they discovered the truth. She then directed her inquiries towards Adaya and Shlok, questioning their love for Jeevika and why they didn’t prevent her from making this decision. Pallavi expressed her frustration to Rajnandini, claiming that she had brought this alliance to Jeevika and had assured everyone that she would fulfill her promise. She wondered what had happened to that promise. Prateep interjected, asking Pallavi which promise she was referring to. Jeevika attempted to convince Satvik, who challenged her, asking if she truly desired to witness her family being insulted. He blamed Jeevika for causing his family to bow their heads in shame before her own. Jeevika warned Satvik that everything would be ruined if he continued with his current attitude. Satvik responded, stating that Jeevika’s plan was progressing as intended, but he would not assist her any further. Jeevika expressed her frustration, accusing Satvik of playing with her emotions and conducting this wedding for his personal gain. Satvik questioned why he should continue to act when he had previously revealed his desire to marry Supriya and had explained to Jeevika that their marriage was merely a contractual agreement. He insisted that he had forced her into the marriage, indicating his preference for Supriya. Jeevika dredged up the past, reminding Satvik of his previous statements, arguing that it was in both of their best interests to separate. Prateep urged Pallavi to reveal what she had promised Jeevika. Pallavi disclosed that Rajnandini had assured her that Jeevika would not be allowed to return to her home. Rajnandini countered, claiming that she had promised to make Jeevika happy in their household. She added that she had made significant efforts to prevent the wedding but Jeevika had disregarded her pleas. Prateep confessed his mistake of placing his trust in Satvik, as he had taken Jeevika away but was convinced by Satvik to bring her back. Prateep questioned what Satvik had done in return for all the pain Jeevika had caused them, accusing him of shattering her dreams and breaking his promise. Prateep unleashed his anger at Satvik, with Jeevika stepping in to intervene and urging him not to behave like her husband. Satvik retorted, questioning who her husband was, and directed his anger towards her. Jeevika attempted to diffuse the situation, stating that they should focus on resolving the issue instead of creating more problems. A heated confrontation ensued between Pallavi and Rajnandini. Jeevika pleaded with Prateep not to blame anyone else, as she had made the decision herself. Swara objected, revealing to everyone that they had filed for a divorce after their wedding.

[Episode End]

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