Agnisakshi 23 May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 23 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Swara questioning Shlok about the mistreatment Jeevika has endured despite her immense contributions to their family. Overwhelmed with emotion, Swara embraces Shlok while shedding tears. Shlok gently disengages from the hug and assures Swara that he will not allow anyone to mistreat Jeevika. Meanwhile, Rajnandhini approaches Supriya, who assumes a facade, assuming that Satvik or Jeevika have arrived. Rajnandhini reveals her identity to Supriya, stating that there is no need for her to continue the pretense. Supriya expresses her genuine anguish caused by Rajnandhini’s actions. She confides in Rajnandhini that she has been unable to reconcile Satvik and Jeevika as she had promised. Rajnandhini proposes discussing their next course of action and questions whether Supriya still trusts her. Supriya responds, acknowledging that she wouldn’t have relinquished the lottery ticket if she didn’t trust Rajnandhini. Rajnandhini urges Supriya to persist in her pretense and continue displaying love for Satvik, just as she had done during their college days.

Rajnandhini approached Satvik at Sadvik’s place, requesting him to give Supriya her medicine. However, Satvik declined, citing his busy schedule. Curious, Rajnandhini inquired if Satvik still loved Supriya, to which he admitted his feelings. Rajnandhini then questioned why Satvik couldn’t take care of Supriya if he still had those emotions. Satvik explained that due to his marriage with Jeevika, he couldn’t be as close to Supriya as he once was when they were in a relationship, as it made him feel uncomfortable. Rajnandhini emphasized that Supriya had come solely for Satvik’s sake and that it was his responsibility to make her feel like a part of their family. Satvik expressed his desire to talk to Jeevika about the situation, but Rajnandhini insisted he first give Supriya her medicine. Eventually, Satvik agreed and fulfilled Rajnandhini’s request.

Later, Supriya pretended to struggle with putting on an ankle gift that Satvik had given her during their college days. She asked Satvik to help her wear it. As Satvik reminisced about his moments with Jeevika, he smiled. Supriya interpreted his smile as an indication of his thoughts about her. However, Satvik distanced himself from Supriya, acknowledging the complexity of the situation involving him, Jeevika, and Supriya. He believed that Jeevika didn’t deserve such complications. Sensing his hesitation, Supriya put on an emotional act, suggesting that she would leave if her presence caused problems between Satvik and Jeevika.

Shlok approached Jeevika and expressed his confusion about Supriya’s changed behavior. He couldn’t understand why she had lied against Jeevika. Shlok felt the need to keep an eye on Supriya, but Jeevika disagreed. She defended Supriya, suggesting that her actions might be a result of the emotional pain she experienced after her marriage with Satvik. Shlok argued that Supriya had left Satvik without caring for his emotional well-being during his difficult nights. He questioned how Supriya could suddenly rekindle her love for Satvik. Jeevika insisted that Satvik still loved Supriya, but Shlok denied this claim, asserting that Satvik’s feelings had changed. Jeevika then inquired about whom Satvik loved instead. Shlok recollected a time when Satvik had shown concern for Jeevika. He assured Jeevika that Satvik would soon reveal his true feelings and promised to protect her until that moment of realization. However, Jeevika pleaded with Shlok not to spy on Supriya. Shlok explained that he didn’t want Satvik to suffer again and vowed to protect his brother and sister-in-law.

Meanwhile, Supriya spoke to Satvik, confessing that she was willing to take her own life if it meant he could find happiness without her in the picture. Satvik, alarmed by her statement, implored her never to speak such words. He reassured her that she didn’t need to leave the house. Supriya questioned whether he still cared about the barriers preventing him from loving her wholeheartedly. Satvik explained that his responsibility towards Jeevika held him back. He acknowledged Jeevika’s sacrifices and how she had fought against her own family for him. He firmly refused to leave Jeevika’s side and made an excuse to leave the conversation.

Rajnandhini discusses with Jeevika about Satvik’s belief in Supriya’s words over her own. She expresses her disappointment, stating that Satvik should have considered all that Jeevika has done for their family. Jeevika defends herself, explaining that everything she did was for Satvik’s sake. Meanwhile, Satvik coincidentally encounters Swara on the road, where he apologizes and tries to convince her. In the meantime, Rajnandhini informs Jeevika that the car she gifted her has been used by Ruhi and expresses her desire for Jeevika to drive it. Jeevika confesses that she doesn’t know how to drive, prompting Rajnandhini to offer teaching her starting the next day. Rajnandhini harbors a plan to put an end to Satvik and Jeevika’s love story. On the other hand, Swara refuses to reconcile with Satvik until Supriya is no longer living in his house.

Supriya and Rajnandhini discuss their next scheme, with Supriya vowing to do anything for Satvik. Rajnandhini asserts that nothing will stand in her way of achieving her goal. The following morning, Rajnandhini begins teaching Jeevika how to drive a car. She instructs Jeevika to start the car and drive, and though hesitant, Jeevika complies. However, she stops the car abruptly, refusing to continue driving due to her fear of accidentally hitting someone. Rajnandhini assures Jeevika of her support and urges her to accelerate. Jeevika reluctantly obeys. Suddenly, Supriya unexpectedly appears in front of the car and gets struck. Jeevika is shocked and overwhelmed with guilt, apologizing profusely to Supriya. Rajnandhini reveals that Supriya has suffered a fracture, and they rush her back home. Later, both Rajnandhini and Ruhi blame Jeevika for Supriya’s condition, causing Jeevika to break down in tears. They attempt to instigate Satvik against Jeevika, but to everyone’s surprise, Satvik accuses Rajnandhini instead.

[Episode End]

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