Agnisakshi 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Supriya receiving a new message, causing her frustration to build up. She confides in Rajnandini, stating that the sender mentioned someone secretly assisting them in this matter. The question arises: what will happen when Satvik discovers their true intentions behind this wedding? Supriya, growing increasingly exasperated, turns to Rajnandini and inquires about the person involved in their scheme. Does this person realize that Supriya is merely a pawn while Rajnandini is the mastermind of the game they’re playing?

Meanwhile, Prateep approaches Satvik, expressing his surprise at Satvik’s decision to divorce Jeevika. Satvik explains that he had made this decision beforehand, contemplating a divorce to prevent ruining Jeevika’s life. He had been upfront with her about it before their wedding, not wanting to give her false hope. Satvik admits that he is now unsure about the current situation. Prateep confides in him, saying that he doesn’t know how to make Jeevika understand everything. The question lingers: what decision will Jeevika make?

Coincidentally, Jeevika accidentally bumps into Satvik, causing her to exclaim that he startled her. Satvik retorts that she had been frightening him with her decision. He questions why she lied to everyone about their mutual decision to divorce.

In response, Jeevika asserts that it doesn’t matter who initiated the divorce. Satvik counters, emphasizing that it does matter. He points out that she knew Narayanan would be disappointed and angry with him if he found out. Jeevika argues that Narayanan loves Satvik deeply, and his anger would hurt him. Satvik questions why it matters to her, suggesting that her concern stems only from the impact on her favorite person—implying that it signifies love. He believes that she doesn’t love him because if she did, she would worry about him. Just as Jeevika prepares to leave, Satvik halts her by asserting that she cannot provide him with an answer.

Satvik informs Jeevika that she had gifted Supriya to him and had promised to stay away from his life forever. Therefore, he questions why she is concerned about him. Jeevika responds by stating that she doesn’t want to trouble them. Satvik challenges her, asking when he ever said such a thing. Jeevika reminds him that he had mentioned it multiple times. Satvik urges her to let go of the past, but Jeevika counters by saying it happened just last week. He accuses her of not considering how much it hurt her, not taking her feelings into account. Supriya isn’t the problem between them; their wedding is merely a pretense. Jeevika questions the need to waste their lives on this fake wedding and exits the scene.

Rajnandini informs Supriya that they had planned the situation together and asks if anyone found out. She questions if Supriya revealed their plan to anyone, but Supriya denies it. Supriya expresses her concerns to Rajnandini, explaining that she has been facing problems ever since she met Jeevika. She wonders if Jeevika is behind all of it. Rajnandini suggests that Supriya should suspect someone else, perhaps a servant, as she believes Jeevika isn’t clever enough for such actions. Supriya asserts that Jeevika will eventually betray her. Rajnandini assures her that if there’s any suspicion, she will inform Supriya first, considering Jeevika to be foolish and incapable of orchestrating such things.

Later, Jeevika notices that Satvik has a fever and tends to him, nursing him with care. In his sleep, Satvik mumbles, pleading for her not to leave him. Jeevika kisses his forehead and expresses her dilemma—she doesn’t want to cause him pain but is unsure whether to stay or leave. When Satvik wakes up, he realizes the clothes on his forehead and finds Jeevika sleeping beside him, holding his hand in a sitting position. He admires her sleeping form and lovingly caresses her head. He assumes that she has planned to leave him and has begun lying, but he smiles at her nonetheless.

As Jeevika awakens, she asks Satvik about his morning ramblings, noting that he was speaking while feverish. She tries to check his fever, but he stops her, claiming that she means nothing to him. Jeevika reminds him that she is his doctor, to which he retorts that he needs a friend, feeling abandoned by her. Later, Prateep urges Swara and Pallavi to keep the matter hidden from their parents. Pallavi finds it difficult to conceal the truth, but she agrees to do it for Jeevika’s sake. Swara expresses concern about Supriya, who still poses a threat to Jeevika. Prateep assures them that Satvik will not marry Supriya.

Meanwhile, Jeevika apologizes to Supriya on Satvik’s behalf. However, Supriya dismisses her, saying she is not Satvik’s lawyer to speak on his behalf. Supriya accuses Jeevika of betrayal, claiming that she had been sending threatening messages to her, attempting to intimidate her. Satvik witnesses Supriya’s mistreatment of Jeevika and defends his wife, telling Supriya that she shouldn’t treat Jeevika that way since she is his wife. Supriya justifies her behavior, attributing it to frustration and a lack of sanity. Satvik seeks Jeevika’s permission to talk privately with Supriya, to which Supriya sarcastically questions if he needs her permission for that. Satvik clarifies that he doesn’t want to hurt Supriya in any way. Supriya tries to mock him, but Satvik apologizes sincerely. He confesses that he no longer loves her, despite Supriya’s attempts to emotionally sway him. Supriya receives a message that frightens her, and Satvik expresses concern, asking if everything is alright.

[Episode End]

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