Agnisakshi 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Jeevika and Satvik engaged in a heated argument. Jeevika expresses her dissatisfaction, complaining that Satvik is neglecting his duty to teach her and prohibiting others from doing so as well. Shlok and Manas observe the situation closely, with Shlok admitting that he doesn’t like seeing Satvik in such a state, yet finding amusement in the scenario. Jeevika confronts Satvik about his peculiar behavior since Manas returned, and he simply nods in response.

Satvik proceeds to teach Jeevika how to handle a laptop, resulting in stolen glances and subtle interactions between the two. Jeevika playfully adjusts Satvik’s disheveled hair, causing him to envision a romantic ambiance around them. However, Jeevika snaps her fingers in front of him, bringing him back to reality. Later, Rajnandini advises Jeevika to focus on her pending work, emphasizing her responsibilities. Meanwhile, Ruhi informs her friends about her upcoming acting role in an advertisement, confident that Rajnandini won’t go back on her promise. Rajnandini mocks Jeevika, warning Ruhi to keep her away, suggesting that Jeevika might cast an evil eye on her budding career.

Jeevika draws Satvik’s attention to a suspicious file, noting that some pages are missing. Satvik investigates and confirms her observation, revealing that there are no duplicate files but potentially original entries elsewhere. Jeevika suggests checking the delivery details of the raw materials, and Satvik agrees, acknowledging her accuracy. Accidentally, their heads collide in the process. Adaya expresses her disapproval to Narayanan, believing that he shouldn’t have sent Jeevika to the office. Narayanan questions if she thinks Jeevika is unqualified, while Adaya admits missing her presence. Rajnandini and Satvik remain occupied with office tasks, and Shlok also joins them.

Narayanan remarks that Satvik will soon provide a new heir, envisioning his future descendant. Meanwhile, Guruji instructs his assistant to get in touch with Narayanan, as he wishes to discuss something important with him. In the midst of Satvik and Jeevika’s romantic atmosphere, Rajnandini interrupts, reprimanding them for displaying affection at work. She instructs Jeevika to stick to writing in a ledger if she cannot handle the laptop properly. Satvik informs her about the missing files, and Rajnandini places the blame on Mr. Rao.


Satvik approaches Rajnandini with an idea to recover the missing details, giving credit to Jeevika for her assistance. He expresses his surprise at Jeevika’s level of contribution. Meanwhile, Rajnandini believes that everyone perceives her as doing well on her first day, but in reality, she has set a trap for them. Ruhi calls Rajnandini to provoke her, but Rajnandini assures her that nothing significant has occurred yet. She shares some plans with Ruhi and urges her to execute them, fearing Satvik’s consequences if she refuses. Rajnandini emphasizes the urgency of the task.

Raghav engages in a cheerful conversation with Jeevika when he suddenly coughs. He mentions that someone seems to be angry with him, although he is unaware of the person’s identity. Jeevika suggests that there may indeed be someone upset with him. At that moment, Satvik arrives and reprimands Raghav for not completing his assigned work. Satvik instructs Raghav to update the software on everyone’s systems in the office, excluding Jeevika. Jeevika finds this amusing and starts laughing. Satvik questions why she is laughing, to which she responds by saying that she didn’t hear what he said and invites him to join in the laughter. Pramod interjects, mentioning that it pertains to the next campaign design project. Satvik expresses his dissatisfaction with its incompleteness and criticizes Pramod. Jeevika then presents a design to Satvik, which he appreciates.

[Episode End]

Precap : Satvik will approach Rajnandini and relay that she had mentioned her requirement for a face in her upcoming campaign project. He will assure her that there is no necessity to involve Ruhi in it. Instead, he will suggest considering Jeevika for the opportunity. Upon hearing this, Ruhi will confront Jeevika, accusing her of attempting to seize her modeling career before she can fulfill her own aspirations. In a fit of anger, Ruhi will forcefully push Jeevika, but Satvik will swiftly intervene, managing to hold her back.

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