Agnisakshi 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Rajnandini advising Satvik to be mindful of not causing further pain to Jeevika, emphasizing that she deserves love. Satvik assures her that he has no intentions of hurting Jeevika either. Despite this, Jeevika remains unwilling to leave him. Rajnandini ponders that destiny seems determined to separate husband and wife, regardless of whether Jeevika leaves Satvik or vice versa. Meanwhile, Satvik reflects on Jeevika’s sacrifices and Supriya’s betrayal, questioning his ability to truly love Jeevika.

Later on, a fortune teller attempts to caution Jeevika about future events, leaving her perplexed by the cryptic words. Meanwhile, Manas encounters Satvik and expresses his concern for him, remarking that he won’t leave him alone. Manas mentions attending an art exhibition and Satvik inquires about his experience there. Manas reveals his inability to find someone like Jeevika and acknowledges Satvik’s understanding of love. Manas proceeds to share his own experiences and delivers a lecture on the essence of love. He explains that love entails happiness when the person is around, engaging in adorable arguments, and being willing to risk one’s life to save the other. Satvik reminisces about moments spent with Jeevika, while Manas teases him. Satvik denies his feelings, to which Manas asserts that Satvik has fallen in love with Jeevika.

Meanwhile, Sidhi asks Jeevika if she is alright, to which Jeevika discloses her encounter with a fortune teller. Jeevika struggles to comprehend the fortune teller’s words, and Sidhi suggests that the mention of Supriya might have been intended. Unconvinced, Jeevika senses that something ominous is looming. In another scene, Manas endeavors to make Satvik understand the truth, but Satvik resists acknowledging his feelings for Jeevika. Manas points out signs of love, asserting that even a doctor couldn’t diagnose such symptoms. He mentions how Satvik can hear music and musicians when he is around Jeevika. Satvik dismisses these claims.

Meanwhile, Narayanan examines some files while Nandini offers to handle everything for him. Pramod informs them of potential crises the company may face due to incomplete accounts following Rao’s departure. He suspects someone taking advantage of the situation. Rajnandini volunteers to oversee the account verification, but Narayanan expresses concern about adding more pressure on her since she already has office responsibilities. He decides to assign the task to someone else and promises to reveal the person’s name soon.

Later, Satvik contemplates Manas’s seemingly nonsensical words.

He requests the servant to clean the floor to prevent anyone from slipping. Jeevika arrives and playfully teases him. Satvik responds by mentioning that Manas is already annoying him, hiding their conversation. Just as Jeevika is about to fall, he quickly stops her from doing so. In that moment, he notices the presence of musicians and the sound of music playing nearby. Later, Ruhi informs Rajnandini about her growing number of followers. Nandini teases her, and Ruhi expresses her desire to star in the Savithri Silks advertisement, claiming she is even more beautiful than Miss World. She believes that if she becomes famous, people will line up to meet her. Rajnandini playfully teases her back and assures her that she will make sure Ruhi gets the opportunity to act in the advertisement, for which Ruhi expresses her gratitude. Satvik drops off Jeevika, who questions him about his distracted behavior. Satvik explains that he noticed musicians earlier, but Jeevika scolds him and walks away.

Satvik ponders why he saw the musicians at that location. Manas asks him whom he is searching for, and Satvik lies, saying that he wasn’t looking for anyone. Manas playfully asks about the quality of the music, and Satvik claims he didn’t hear anything. Manas continues teasing him. Later, Shlok informs Swara that Supriya has already left the house, meaning they won’t be disturbed anymore. Prateep joins them and asks Swara if she is studying for her exam. Swara reveals that Supriya has permanently exited Jeevika’s life, blurting out what she heard from Shlok. She fabricates a story about trying to call Adaya, but he didn’t answer, and she decides not to contact him again. Rajnandini informs Narayanan that she has shortlisted ten candidates as potential replacements for Mr. Rao. Narayanan reveals that he has already chosen someone, who seems to be highly talented. Rajnandini is shocked to learn that Jeevika will be reviewing the accounts.

[Episode End]

Precap : Satvik intends to present Jeevika with a gift while expressing his knowledge of her upcoming role as a designer in his office. Curious, Jeevika inquires whether he desires her presence in his workplace. Satvik openly expresses his desire to have her on board, but his plans are interrupted by Rajnandini. Jeevika contemplates the reasons behind Rajnandini’s deception, but ultimately decides to join Satvik’s office.

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