Agnisakshi 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Shlok expressing to Satvik his willingness to assist Jeevika. Manas playfully taunts Satvik about his concern for Jeevika. Meanwhile, Rajnandini apologizes to Jeevika for the unfortunate events that occurred and assures her that she won’t allow anything worse to happen to her. Rajnandini offers to show Jeevika her new cabin as a gesture of goodwill. Meanwhile, Narayanan inquires of Shlok about the situation and whether their plan is succeeding. Shlok responds that they haven’t met yet, but it would be beneficial for them to spend time together at home. Narayanan pledges his assistance in accomplishing this mission. Rajnandini proudly reveals her newly acquired cabin, stating that it took her a year to obtain it, while subtly expressing her deserving of such recognition. Jeevika arranges a picture of her deity in her cabin. Rajnandini believes that no one is capable of helping Jeevika in this environment. A henchman is assigned to guard a particular individual, with strict instructions from his superior not to permit anyone to enter or exit.

Satvik instructs the staff to bring tea for Jeevika, providing detailed instructions on how to prepare it. Manas jests at Satvik’s excessive care for Jeevika and remarks that despite knowing her for three months, he knew her preferences, but he himself remains a mystery. This teasing lightens the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Rajnandini tries to explain Jeevika’s responsibilities, but Jeevika struggles to comprehend. The staff member mentions that Satvik sent him with tea for Jeevika, referring to her as “bhabhi” (sister-in-law). Rajnandini, annoyed by the term, insists he refrain from using it. Rajnandini intentionally puts pressure on Jeevika to make a mistake, believing that this will prove Jeevika was an inappropriate choice for the position.

Shlok and Satvik were engrossed in discussing a campaign for Satvik, when the staff brought a cup of black coffee for him. Satvik expressed gratitude, mentioning that Jeevika had sent it as a return gift. This surprised Shlok, as he couldn’t believe that Ruhi was capable of organizing such a campaign. However, Satvik revealed that Rajnandini had suggested the idea and he trusted her judgment. Meanwhile, Jeevika felt helpless, knowing that she had accidentally deleted important files belonging to Satvik. Sensing her distress, Rajnandini assured Jeevika that she would do everything in her power to resolve the situation. She mentioned that she could assist in the accounts department by copying the information into a ledger. Jeevika requested her to explain the process slowly, eager to learn. Rajnandini, however, mentioned having an important meeting and promised to teach her later, casually mentioning that she was studying for her MBA. Jeevika couldn’t help but feel inferior as she observed everyone conversing fluently in English.

Jeevika believed that everyone possessed confidence in their English language skills, while she lacked proficiency. Narayanan had entrusted her with a significant responsibility, but she contemplated quitting her job due to her insecurities. Unbeknownst to her, Shlok and Manas were observing her, realizing that she was facing a problem. Shlok wanted to help her, but Manas suggested an alternative plan. In the midst of their conversation, a staff member entered Jeevika’s cabin, inquiring about the issue with her laptop. Jeevika admitted her fear of using it, prompting the staff member to assist her with its operation. Meanwhile, Shlok and Manas anxiously waited for Satvik, who arrived and noticed Jeevika interacting with the staff member. Satvik began monitoring them closely, feeling a tinge of jealousy at the sight of Jeevika’s happiness. Shlok and Manas found amusement in Satvik’s reactions. Satvik eventually entered Jeevika’s cabin, where she introduced him to Raghav, referring to him as her boss. Raghav informed Satvik that he was a new intern at their office, leading Satvik to congratulate him, albeit with a hint of anger.

Satvik then asked Raghav to leave once his work was done. Jeevika expressed her gratitude for Raghav’s teachings, but Satvik interjected, not allowing Raghav to converse further with her. Puzzled by his strange behavior, Jeevika confronted him directly. Satvik questioned why she hadn’t sought his help, to which she replied that he was in a meeting. He assured her that he was always ready to assist her, anytime she needed it.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jeevika will express her suspicions to Satvik regarding the files, noting that she has noticed the absence of a few pages. Concerned, Satvik will promptly relay this information to Rajnandini. Subsequently, Rajnandini will approach Pramod with a complaint about her inability to access the accounts. Pramod, in response, will inform her that Jeevika was responsible for managing everything related to the accounts.

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