Agnisakshi 25 May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 25 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Supriya disclosing to Rajnandhini that Jeevika has agreed to part ways with Satvik. She asserts that Satvik and this house will now belong to her exclusively. Observing Rajnandhini’s stunned expression, she swiftly revises her statement, asserting that it will be theirs instead. Rajnandhini and Supriya celebrate the success of their plan. Rajnandhini declares that Satvik’s upcoming birthday will be an unforgettable occasion, with Jeevika playing a significant role in making it so.

Meanwhile, Jeevika is seen weeping while standing in the temple of the house. She turns around and encounters Shlok, who inquires about her conversation with Supriya. Jeevika reveals that everything is now clear to her and that she has found a solution. She adds that on Satvik’s birthday, he will experience happiness, love, and a sense of family, except for… Before she can finish her sentence, Shlok interjects, assuming that Supriya is leaving the house, and he expresses his happiness. Mistakenly believing that Supriya’s departure is imminent, he expresses his gratitude to Jeevika and departs.

Rajnandhini is filled with joy over her triumph. She remains confident that Jeevika’s departure from the house will surely cause Narayan to have a heart attack. Even if he somehow survives, she believes he will hold Satvik responsible for Jeevika leaving and will never forgive him. Meanwhile, Satvik manages to locate Jeevika. Catching sight of her wiping away tears, he decides to approach her discreetly. Satvik begins by mentioning that he forgot what he initially wanted to tell her. Jeevika contemplates the fact that in just two days, she will lose all her rights over him. Yearning for more time together, she asks Satvik if he can spend the day with her. To her delight, Satvik agrees.

Satvik and Jeevika venture out to purchase vegetables, playfully engaging in a cute argument along the way. Satvik appreciates Jeevika’s assertiveness while haggling with the vendor. He admiringly comments on her uniqueness, noting how she had initially wanted to go shopping but ended up taking him to the market instead. Jeevika expresses her desire to buy bangles and wonders where they can find them. She reveals her longing for a simple married life, relishing the idea of going to the market with her husband to buy vegetables. Sensing her emotional attachment, Satvik makes up an excuse and abruptly departs.

Shlok and Aadya were hanging out with Jeevika, playfully teasing her about Satvik going to the market with her. Curiosity got the better of Supriya, who inquired about Satvik’s whereabouts. Aadya and Shlok mischievously informed her that Satvik had indeed gone to the market with Jeevika and hinted that he might be planning a surprise for her. Just then, Satvik made his entrance, paying no attention to Supriya as he headed straight for Jeevika. To Jeevika’s delight, Satvik surprised her with a thoughtful gift of glass bangles. Overwhelmed by this gesture, Jeevika expressed her joy. However, Ruhi and Supriya couldn’t resist mocking Jeevika for finding happiness in the simplest of things.

Expressing her gratitude, Jeevika thanked Satvik while Shlok and Aadya continued their playful teasing. Satvik then suggested that Jeevika try on the bangles. As luck would have it, one of the bangles nearly slipped off Jeevika’s wrist, but Satvik swiftly caught it and delicately helped her put it on. Aadya and Shlok seized the opportunity to further tease Satvik, lightening the atmosphere with their lighthearted banter. Jeevika, deeply moved by the moment, assured Satvik that she would cherish it forever. In response, Satvik assured her that there would be more such beautiful moments to come.

Rajnandhini approaches Supriya and skillfully stirs up trouble, casting doubts on Satvik’s love for her. According to Rajnandhini, Satvik’s affection for Supriya was nothing more than a misconception and he never truly loved her. In response, Supriya defends her relationship by mentioning the expensive gifts Satvik has given her. Jeevika intervenes and explains that the value of the bangles Satvik gifted her does not lie in their cost, but rather in the love they symbolize. This revelation infuriates Supriya, while Rajnandhini smirks with satisfaction.

Amidst the tension, Jeevika admires the bangles bestowed upon her by Satvik, her face lighting up with a smile. Unbeknownst to her, Satvik notices this heartfelt reaction from the doorway and discreetly coughs to alert Jeevika of his presence. Jeevika warmly invites Satvik inside and insists he takes a seat. She playfully involves Satvik in an artistic activity, placing his hands on a sheet of paper covered in paint. Satvik happily complies, reminiscing about his carefree childhood. Curious about Jeevika’s intentions, Satvik asks her what she plans to do with their painted handprints. Jeevika’s response is evasive, but when Satvik questions if she’s hiding something, she shakes her head to indicate otherwise.

Meanwhile, Satvik discovers Shlok and Aadya engaged in a game in the kitchen. Intrigued, he inquires about their activity, and they excitedly explain that Jeevika taught them a game called “Find the Taste.” Satvik joins in and participates, with Jeevika initiating the challenge. First, she offers him a bite of bitter gourd, followed by a forcibly sweet taste. Unbeknownst to Jeevika, Supriya silently observes this interaction.

[Episode End]

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