Agnisakshi 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Satvik escorting Jeevika back to their home. Supriya confronts Jeevika, questioning why she betrayed her and forced her to remain in that house. Supriya had encouraged Jeevika to envision a life with Satvik, but now feels that Jeevika has snatched that dream away from her. Supriya wonders if Jeevika’s actions were motivated by a desire to tarnish her reputation. Satvik intervenes between them and reminds Supriya that he had made it explicitly clear before that he is a married man and Jeevika is his wife. He implores Supriya to stay away from him. However, it appears that Supriya fails to grasp this concept. Satvik emphasizes that Jeevika is the reason he took the sacred wedding vows. He questions Supriya about the nature of their relationship, asserting that she is not even his friend, let alone someone he could marry. Overwhelmed by the situation, Supriya flees from the scene while Rajnandini gazes at them with an intense glare.

Narayanan expresses his gratitude to Prateep, acknowledging that they were saved from a precarious situation. He recalls feeling emotionally shattered upon learning about Satvik and Jeevika’s divorce, but now he feels a sense of joy. Prateep reassures him that both Satvik and Jeevika will overcome this situation together, as Satvik is devoted to Jeevika and will not leave her side. Just then, Swara arrives and jokingly mocks Narayanan for finally changing his opinion about Satvik. Swara mentions how everyone had supported Satvik, but Narayanan was initially skeptical. Prateep agrees that Satvik won everyone’s hearts through his actions.

Rajnandini confides in Ruhi, discussing Satvik’s love for Supriya and her confusion regarding his decision not to marry her. Rajnandini’s plan has clearly backfired, as Satvik called off the wedding. Ruhi attributes the entire situation to Jeevika’s involvement and acknowledges that she was unaware of the true nature of their relationship.

Later, Jeevika confronts Satvik and inquires about his actions. Satvik reveals that he is packing his belongings as he intends to leave the house. He questions why he should share everything with Jeevika when she isn’t willing to share anything with him. Satvik reminds Jeevika that he took the wedding vows to be with her, expressing his disappointment at their lack of communication.

Supriya complains to Rajnandini about Satvik’s disrespectful behavior towards her in front of everyone. She confesses that she had envisioned a future with him, filled with luxury and extravagant gifts. Supriya had hoped that Satvik would take her on a trip to America, but her plans have been shattered. Rajnandini advises her to remain calm. Supriya expresses her frustration, claiming that he has crushed her dreams. Rajnandini suggests tricking Jeevika once again. Curious, everyone questions Satvik about the luggage he’s carrying. Satvik confirms his intention to leave the house. Pallavi firmly declares that she won’t let Jeevika go this time and demands an explanation of her whereabouts. Jeevika insists that she’s not going anywhere. Adaya wonders if she’s taking Satvik’s suitcase with her. Satvik discloses his decision to Adaya.

Rajnandini grabs Supriya’s phone and reads a message that shocks her. The message explicitly reveals that someone was aware of Supriya’s pretense of loving Satvik solely for his money. Rajnandini asks Supriya about the identity of this person and urges her to contact them. However, the number is unreachable, leaving Supriya fearful that the truth will be exposed to Satvik. Rajnandini cautions her to be cautious. Jeevika intervenes, stating that she cannot take him along with her. Narayanan instructs Adaya to pack his belongings as well since he supports Satvik’s decision. Adaya and Shlok declare their intention to accompany Jeevika. Ruhi points out that she didn’t go shopping. Shlok mocks her for it.

Jeevika clarifies that no one is stopping Satvik; rather, everyone is ready to go with her on a picnic. Pallavi realizes that everyone is prepared to accompany Jeevika instead of preventing her from leaving. Satvik asserts that she doesn’t care about them and is willing to go. Jeevika refutes his claim, stating that she’s not going anywhere. Pallavi decides to treat Prateep. Narayanan questions Jeevika if she’s truly leaving the house and divorcing him. Satvik clarifies that it wasn’t Jeevika’s decision; he made the choice to leave. Narayanan is shocked by this revelation, realizing that Satvik loved someone else. He married Jeevika and filed for divorce, committing numerous mistakes. He wonders why Satvik has ruined Jeevika’s life and broken his trust once again. Jeevika defends Satvik, explaining that it wasn’t his fault. He took this step to protect his life and ensure his family’s happiness. The decision to separate was mutual; they didn’t want to stay together anymore. Narayanan expresses his disappointment with Jeevika’s decision, and Prateep and Pallavi leave the scene. Swara and Pallavi offer advice to Jeevika.

[Episode End]

Precap : Satvik will plead with Jeevika, begging her not to abandon him. In the midst of their conversation, Jeevika will observe the telltale signs of a fever manifesting in Satvik’s body. Deeply concerned, she will tenderly care for him, her heart filled with the realization that she cannot bear to inflict any further pain upon him.

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