Agnisakshi 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Swara proposing a competition idea to Shlok and Manas. Shlok urges Manas to proceed with their plan to bring them together. Swara fervently prays for divine intervention to help Satvik realize his love for Jeevika. Subsequently, Manas and Shlok share the competition idea with Jeevika, who reveals that it’s her first day at the office. Encouraged by Manas and Shlok, Jeevika joins in their playful activities. A hand wrestling match ensues between Jeevika and Shlok, while Manas observes and evaluates. As the match progresses, Shlok is on the verge of winning, but Satvik intervenes to aid Jeevika’s victory. Jeevika jubilantly declares their win, while Manas asserts that Satvik’s timely intervention amounts to cheating. Satvik defends his actions by stating that he is Jeevika’s husband and it is his responsibility to protect her. Satvik then asks Jeevika if she is happy, to which she responds positively and embraces him. Manas and Shlok close their eyes in acknowledgment. Shortly after, Satvik receives a phone call from home, informing him about an overdose incident. The doctor advises them to take proper care of the individual in question, as he has already experienced multiple heart attacks. Nandini reprimands Juhi for neglecting her duties, emphasizing that her father’s well-being should take precedence over attending online classes. Jeevika blames herself for the situation, regretting her decision to go to the office and believing that it could have been avoided if she had stayed home. Nandini clarifies that her previous comment was directed towards Juhi, not Jeevika. Feeling guilty, Jeevika declares her intention to cease going to the office from the following day and decides to stay at home. Satvik attempts to convince her otherwise. Later, Juhi admires Nandini’s scheme and questions her intense dislike for Jeevika, suspecting that it stems from Nandini’s fear of someone replacing her. Juhi reminds Nandini that it is her duty to fulfill all her dreams. Subsequently, Jeevika finds solace in the kitchen as she cooks, and Satvik joins her to offer comfort and support. Jeevika vents her frustrations to him, and in an attempt to console her, Satvik urges her to drink milk and calm down. He reassures her that it was not her fault and suggests that she should not bear the burden of blame. Satvik emphasizes that Rajnandini and Shlok were also present, and Jeevika should not shoulder the responsibility alone. He reassures her that if she prefers to stay at home, she has every right to do so.

The goon reaches out to Rajnandini and informs her that Mr. Rao is still unconscious. However, he mentions that the pen drive he gave to Jeevika has been snatched by her, along with control over the account section. Rajnandini wonders why Jeevika hasn’t exposed her yet if she possesses the evidence. She finds it strange. In the meantime, Shlok expresses his thoughts to Jeevika about his upcoming campaign project. Jeevika presents an idea to him. Satvik questions how she could come up with such an idea, as he believed he was the only one capable of brilliant ideas. Jeevika excuses herself, and Shlok praises Satvik. Rajnandini interrupts them and asks what they are discussing. Satvik explains that Jeevika requested him to propose a face for the next campaign, and it was her idea. He shares his idea with Jeevika, expressing that they no longer need Juhi as a model. Nandini pretends to appreciate their idea. Swara advises Jeevika to manage both the office and home together, assuring her that she is capable of doing it. Jeevika denies the suggestion. Swara asks about her divorce proceedings and urges her not to keep anything hidden. Jeevika reveals that they have decided not to pursue a divorce, which makes Swara happy. Jeevika serves food to everyone and reflects on how she never anticipated stooping so low. Juhi confronts Jeevika, questioning how she dared to ruin her budding modeling career. Jeevika retorts, asking Juhi what she has done to her. Juhi claims that Jeevika shattered her childhood dream and demands to know what she did to deserve it. Rajnandini interjects, advising Juhi to refrain from speaking in such a disrespectful manner. Jeevika asserts that Juhi doesn’t understand anything, to which Juhi responds by implying that she is deliberately speaking in English to exclude her from the conversation. Satvik defends Jeevika, stating that it wasn’t her fault. Jeevika expresses her willingness to apologize to Juhi but accidentally pushes her. Satvik manages to catch her in time, but his hands get injured in the process.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jeevika will express to Satvik that she lacks knowledge in performing any office tasks. Satvik, in response, will kindly urge her to refrain from being too hard on herself. Curiously, Rajnandini will inquire from Pramod about the vacant office space, to which he will explain that the staff is present at her residence. Satvik will then inform Rajnandini that he relocated the office to a house to ensure Jeevika’s convenience. Consequently, Jeevika will assertively request the staff to bring both duplicate and original entries to her.

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