Agnisakshi 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Rajnandini presenting a bouquet to Jeevika, while Satvik advises her to introduce Jeevika to everyone. Rajnandini assures him that everyone is already aware of Jeevika’s identity as Satvik’s wife. Satvik asks Rajnandini to focus on preparing for his meeting while Jeevika is taken care of. Jeevika agrees, stating that she will learn everything from Rajnandini. Satvik bids them farewell and departs.

Later, Rajnandini feigns busyness and instructs Jeevika to accompany her secretary, Nisha, as she needs to take an important phone call. However, as Jeevika walks alongside Nisha, a cleaner accidentally spills dirty water on her.

Subsequently, Rajnandini discusses the meeting with Satvik, who inquires about Jeevika’s well-being. Shlok and Manas playfully tease Satvik, remarking on his inability to leave Jeevika alone even for a few minutes. Rajnandini assures them that no one will mistreat Jeevika in the company, emphasizing that she won’t tolerate such behavior. Manas continues to tease Satvik, while he explains that it’s Jeevika’s first day and she might be feeling anxious like anyone else would.

Rajnandini informs Satvik that she has scheduled an important meeting for him and urges him to prepare for it. Manas and Shlok suggest that he meets Jeevika before the meeting. Meanwhile, a cleaner apologizes to Jeevika, and Nisha reprimands him for his carelessness, considering the state of Jeevika’s dress. Just then, Rajnandini arrives at the scene, pretending to scold them. She declares that Nisha and the cleaner will face consequences for their actions.

Rajnandini expresses to Jeevika her concern about Satvik’s reaction if he sees her in such clothes and questions how she can attend a meeting dressed like that. She emphasizes that Satvik’s meeting is important and they can meet afterward. Frustrated, she vents her anger towards them. Jeevika acknowledges it was a mistake and suggests forgiving them. Rajnandini urges Jeevika to return home and change her clothes, fearing that Narayanan will notice and fire them from their jobs. Jeevika, not wanting to see them lose their jobs because of her, mentions that Satvik wouldn’t leave anyone if he saw her in that state. She asks Rajnandini if she can borrow some clothes to change into, and Nisha nods in agreement. Rajnandini believes this is only the beginning. Ruhi inquires about Rajnandini’s first day at the office.

Rajnandini reveals to Ruhi that the staff doesn’t know her true identity, and those who are aware are currently on leave. Ruhi wonders why Satvik didn’t introduce her to anyone. Rajnandini explains that she sent him to attend a meeting. Ruhi sympathizes with Jeevika. Rajnandini mocks Jeevika. Meanwhile, Satvik finds it difficult to focus on his meeting. Manas teases him and offers advice. Manas suggests what if Jeevika interacted with another man there. Satvik questions why she would do that, to which Manas teases that he might be feeling jealous. Satvik denies it. Jeevika emerges wearing modern clothes, and Nisha apologizes to her. Nisha guides her to take the wrong path. Meanwhile, Ruhi rummages through Jeevika’s cupboard. Adaya asks her why she’s there, and Ruhi lies, saying she needs a pen. She takes the pen drive containing Rajnandini’s secrets. Jeevika’s colleagues fail to assist her and ignore her.

Mistaking Jeevika for a new intern, her colleagues ask her to fetch them a coffee. Nisha informs Rajnandini that the task is complete and pays her. Rajnandini resolves not to let Jeevika survive in this office. Jeevika struggles to make coffee using the machine.

[Episode End]

Precap : The manager will inquire of Jeevika, questioning her self-perception. Jeevika will proceed to introduce herself, expressing her dissatisfaction with the manager’s treatment of the cleaner. In response, the manager will insist that she leave, threatening to have security escort her out. Satvik will then inquire about the person the manager is attempting to eject, prompting him to introduce Jeevika as his wife.

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