Agnisakshi 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with a shocking revelation from Supriya to Satvik, confessing that her love for him was motivated by money. She discloses that someone had paid her to manipulate him. Curious, Jeevika asks Supriya about the identity of the person involved, but Supriya refuses to divulge it, blaming Satvik for shattering her dreams. Supriya then taunts Satvik, claiming that he is incapable of love, while Jeevika interjects, asserting that Supriya has said enough already.

Undeterred, Supriya accuses Jeevika of being unable to handle any criticism against Satvik, likening him to a foolish monkey standing there motionless. She mocks him, urging him to at least say, “I love you.” Annoyed, Satvik urges Supriya to leave, prompting her to question whether he is afraid of falling in love with her again. Expressing his frustration, Satvik vents his anger towards Supriya. Eventually, Supriya departs from the scene.

In another conversation, Rajnandini commends Supriya for not revealing her name in front of anyone. Supriya expresses her disappointment, feeling betrayed by Rajnandini, whom she considered a friend. She accuses Rajnandini of not supporting her when she faced public exposure. Rajnandini, urging her to lower her voice, reminds Supriya that she had also been guilty of similar actions in the past. Rajnandini affirms that she is now the only one on Supriya’s side and can help change her destiny. Determined, Supriya declares her intentions to manipulate events and cause pain to Satvik. She refrained from exposing Rajnandini’s name because she believed it would have little impact. Rajnandini expresses her initial intent to assist Supriya but becomes disappointed by Supriya’s change of heart. Supriya cryptically suggests that she has set a bomb that will detonate soon.

Satvik, overwhelmed with emotions, smashes a mirror as he vents his frustration. He confides in Jeevika that love is blind, especially for foolish individuals like themselves. Jeevika consoles him, highlighting that he is not alone in making such mistakes and falling victim to Supriya’s deceit. Satvik expresses his guilt for hurting everyone, including Jeevika, by sharing his love story with Supriya. He realizes that Supriya was solely interested in his wealth and found joy in witnessing his suffering. Jeevika acknowledges that Satvik managed to escape from Supriya’s clutches and considers herself unfortunate to have lost him. They find solace in each other’s embrace.

Meanwhile, Adaya informs Narayanan that it is a positive development that Satvik and Jeevika have discovered the truth. Rajnandini questions how Narayanan deduced that someone was assisting Supriya, to which he admits it was merely a guess.

Shlok informs Rajnandini about Supriya’s claim that Manas had told her about the kidnapping, but Manas denies ever informing her. It becomes clear that there is someone secretly assisting Supriya and providing her with information. Supriya expresses gratitude to this person for uncovering the truth and acknowledges their help. Meanwhile, Satvik seeks solace from Jeevika as they both mourn together. Suddenly, they hear the sound of a gunshot and rush outside, only to find Supriya holding a gun. She warns Satvik and Jeevika to keep their distance, stating that the real turmoil has just begun. Supriya reminds Satvik that their eldest son has already died and urges him not to waste his life. Satvik pleads with him to stay, but Supriya claims that his love for her is the reason she asked Jeevika to leave their home. She declares that she won’t leave Satvik and asserts that everyone in college knows the depth of her love for him. Satvik implores her to stop this madness, but Supriya warns him that he hasn’t witnessed her true madness yet.

Ruhi questions Rajnandini about Supriya’s erratic behavior, blaming her for the chaos that has unfolded. Jeevika suggests to Supriya that she should quietly leave the house, but Supriya counters by mentioning that Jeevika was locked inside a car by her. This revelation shocks everyone present. Satvik becomes furious with Supriya for attempting to harm Jeevika’s life. Jeevika urges Satvik to prioritize his own life and think things through, but he argues that Supriya tried to kill her, making it difficult for him to consider his own life in that moment. Supriya reveals that she has developed hatred towards Jeevika because of Satvik frequently mentioning her name. She claims that none of this would have happened if he hadn’t constantly talked about Jeevika. Supriya demands that Satvik marry her, but Narayanan interjects, stating that she may become his wife but will never gain his love. Supriya threatens to kill him and demands that Shlok bring the Vermillion. Satvik firmly tells her that she cannot force him into marriage by pointing a gun at him. He fearlessly declares that he is not afraid of her and that she can do whatever she wants. Supriya retaliates by pointing her gun at Jeevika, tightly gripping her in her hold, and insists that Satvik marry her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Narayanan will express to Supriya that she is pressuring him into marrying her and becoming his wife, but he cannot reciprocate her feelings of love. Supriya will assert that she is taking away love from him, insisting that Jeevika removes her wedding chain. In a fit of anger, Jeevika will respond by slapping her.

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