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Yeh Hai Chahatein 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Nitya confronting Nayantara about how Mahima could have run away with Pradyumna when Mahima had come to her and agreed to marry Arjun. It dawns on Nitya that Mahima and Pradyumna were already involved in an affair, and Nayantara was aware of it all along. Nitya questions Nayantara, expressing her disappointment in Nayantara’s repeated betrayals. Samrat interjects, informing them that they only just found out about the situation and that Mahima might be on her way.

Nitya speculates that Mahima likely eloped with Pradyumna for a life of luxury, and she declares that she doesn’t care whether Mahima returns or not because Arjun doesn’t deserve a selfish girl like Mahima.

Nayantara urges Nitya not to be so harsh. She claims that Mahima realized her mistake, which is why she didn’t elope with Pradyumna. Nayantara suggests they talk to Mahima about it. Nitya asserts that it’s not a trivial matter; Arjun loves Mahima wholeheartedly, and his life is at stake. Therefore, she insists on informing Arjun about everything and letting him make the final decision. Maaji, deeply affected by the revelation, queries Nayantara while shedding tears. Samrat promises to talk to Arjun.

Kaashvi takes Samrat aside and expresses her belief that Mahima and Samrat should not get married. She argues that Mahima left Arjun for Pradyumna, demonstrating her lack of love for Arjun. Kaashvi fears that Mahima might abandon Arjun after their marriage for a wealthy man. She insists that Arjun would not be able to handle such betrayal. Samrat, however, contends that Arjun loves Mahima, and if the marriage doesn’t take place, everyone will blame Nayantara. He concludes that the wedding must proceed and departs. Kaashvi resolves to take action to halt the marriage, ensuring that no one blames Nayantara for it.

After a while, Arjun was taken aback upon reading Mahima’s letter. Nitya assured him that Mahima had indeed eloped. Nayantara offered her apologies to Arjun, while Nitya reminded everyone that although they lacked wealth, they still had their dignity, which would be tarnished by Mahima’s actions. Maaji chimed in, acknowledging that they too would face humiliation. Romila advised Nitya to blame Nayantara entirely, emphasizing that Mahima was Nayantara’s daughter. Samrat intervened, urging them not to hold Nayantara solely responsible. Jagdeesh implored them to cease the arguments, stating that both families would be subjected to humiliation and should instead seek a solution.

Maaji proposed that Kaashvi marry Arjun to salvage the reputations of both families. She believed that Kaashvi participating in the jaago ritual was a sign from God that she should marry Arjun. Nitya was taken aback by this revelation. Jagdeesh supported Maaji’s proposition and explained to Nitya that they had considered Kaashvi and Arjun to be the perfect couple. He appealed to Kaashvi, emphasizing that by agreeing to this marriage, she could protect the reputation of both families.

Kaashvi, however, expressed her conviction that Arjun loved Mahima and that she couldn’t marry him. She was confident that Arjun also did not wish to marry her. Jagdeesh pleaded with Kaashvi to marry Arjun, while Samrat asserted that they couldn’t wrong Kaashvi in this situation. Nayantara supported Samrat’s viewpoint. Nitya assured her that Kaashvi would remain happy in her own home.

[Episode End]

Precap : Mahima makes a triumphant comeback, halting Arjun’s impending marriage.

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