Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Samrat examining the skeleton and observing that the toe ring is missing. Concerned about its absence, he inquires about it from the ward boy. In response, the ward boy scolds him and dismisses him from the area. Undeterred, Samrat contacts a woman and recounts the incident, sharing all the details with her. He requests her to transfer a certain amount to his account. Shortly after, Samrat returns.

Meanwhile, Arjun retrieves his clothes from the cupboard, intending to make space for Kaashvi’s belongings. Kaashvi remarks that she can tell from the state of his cupboard that he never organizes it, and she will now have double the work. Arjun assures her that he doesn’t mind and offers to arrange it for her. However, he struggles to fold his clothes properly. Noticing his difficulty, Kaashvi remarks that he doesn’t know how to fold. He defends himself, claiming that it’s not entirely true. He suggests that she should fold her clothes first, and then he will handle it. In the midst of this, Samrat questions the ward boy about whom the latter had contacted earlier.

Kaashvi diligently folds her clothes and arranges them in her side cupboard. Satisfied with her work, she informs Arjun that she has finished. However, her face flushes with embarrassment when she unexpectedly finds her innerwear in his hands. Hastily, she leaves the room, leaving Arjun to notice his own clothes scattered about.

A ward boy confides in Samrat, admitting that he has never actually met the person they were discussing, and that he only does the job for money. Pleading with Samrat not to involve the police, he requests that Samrat refrain from revealing his knowledge of the truth to their boss. Samrat, concerned, attempts to call the number associated with the matter, but receives no response from the other end.

Veera suggests to Mahima that the latter must have assisted Kunal in some way. In response, Mahima discloses that she had also contributed 50 thousand rupees towards a portfolio. A moment later, Mahima receives her hotel room bill, prompting Veera to inquire about their ability to gather such a significant sum of money. Mahima assures her that she will take care of it and sends Veera away to fetch some food for them.

Expressing her concern for Mahima, Nayantara confides in Samrat. Samrat, however, assures her that Mahima is self-reliant and capable of taking care of herself, reasoning that they cannot do anything to change the situation. In a comforting gesture, he embraces Nayantara, privately acknowledging that she would be devastated if she were to learn the truth about Mahima. Nayantara proceeds to inquire about the status of Samrat’s relationship with Nitya. Curious about Nitya’s character, she mentions an incident from ten years ago when Nitya’s name was embroiled in a scandal, involving accusations of bribery made by Inspector Shenaaz Kaur. Nayantara explains that Nitya managed to prove her innocence.

Arjun informs Kaashvi that he has organized his side cupboard. Curiosity piqued, Kaashvi attempts to take a look, but he playfully prevents her and announces his hunger instead. Succumbing to her own curiosity, she opens his cupboard only to have clothes tumble out, prompting her to give him a disapproving glare as he scurries away.

In a tense phone call, Mahima demands that Samrat transfer 10 lakhs rupees to her account, threatening to reveal the truth otherwise. Unfazed, Samrat informs her that he is willing to disclose the truth to Kaashvi, rendering Mahima’s blackmail ineffective, before abruptly ending the call. Left worried and anxious, Mahima contemplates her next move.

[Episode End]

Precap : Samrat makes the decision to meet Shenaaz’s mother.

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