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Yeh Hai Chahatein 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode starts with Samrat assisting Kaashvi in starting the scooty. He conveys to Nayantara that she should not underestimate him, and they depart from the location while the title song plays in the background. Meanwhile, Pradyumna sneaks into Mahima’s room, questioning her about why she summoned him. Mahima reveals that they do not need to run away and explains that their intimate position was merely an act to prevent Nayantara from interfering with their wedding. This revelation shocks him, but he acknowledges that her unconventional plan might just work.

Nayantara purchases gulfi, a type of frozen dessert. Kaashvi and Samrat convince Nayantara to relish the gulfi on the spot. Samrat confidently orders Nayantara’s favorite flavor, piquing Kaashvi’s curiosity about how he knew about her preference. Samrat nonchalantly responds that it’s a universally loved flavor and that he ordered it spontaneously. He reminds them about the ongoing challenge and takes a bite from their gulfi. Kaashvi reminds them that Mahima is eagerly waiting for her share of gulfi.

Pradyumna confides in Mahima, expressing his awareness of the need to put on an act, but he’s uncertain about controlling his own desires because of her irresistible allure. Sensing the tension, Mahima excuses herself and steps inside to change. Upon her return, she lies down beside Pradyumna on the bed. Unexpectedly, Maaji enters the room and is utterly shocked by the sight of Mahima and Pradyumna together. She screams Mahima’s name in disbelief, her reaction jolting Mahima as well. In a fit of anger, Maaji slaps Mahima before swiftly leaving the room. Confused and troubled, Mahima wonders about Nayantara’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, as Nayantara enters the house, Romila’s husband escorts her inside. Nayantara instructs Kaashvi to bring a scoop of ice cream, intending to offer it to Mahima. Maaji assigns Kaashvi a task, and she heads towards Mahima’s room with the ice cream.

Returning to Mahima’s room, Maaji confronts Pradyumna, resorting to physical force with a groom in her hand. Pradyumna confesses his love for Mahima, but Maaji dismisses it as mere exploitation. Slapping him in anger, she threatens to involve the police. Fearing the consequences, Pradyumna flees from the scene. Maaji turns her attention to Mahima, questioning her actions. She insists that Mahima forget everything that happened and vows to keep it a secret. Warning her against uttering a word about the incident, Maaji emphasizes that Mahima’s marriage to Arjun will proceed at any cost. Determined to ensure this, Maaji decides to remain in Mahima’s room until the wedding, commanding her not to leave under any circumstances. With Maaji’s interference, Mahima realizes her plan has been ruined. She contemplates how she can halt the impending marriage.

Maaji lodges a complaint about Pradyumna with Samrat, divulging all the details. Sympathizing with Maaji, Samrat apologizes on Pradyumna’s behalf. Reaffirming his commitment to see the marriage through, Samrat assures Maaji that Pradyumna will not be able to interfere until the wedding. Later, in a fit of anger, Samrat slaps Pradyumna and confronts him about his involvement with Mahima. Refusing to entertain any criticism of Mahima, Pradyumna declares that Samrat is not his father. Warning Pradyumna to stay away from Mahima, Samrat locks him inside a room.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nitya interrogates Nayantara and Samrat regarding their connection, while Romila diligently captures the exchange on record.

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