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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Samrat expressing his determination to ensure that Nayantara deeply regrets her decision to leave him. Meanwhile, Mahima accidentally injures her hand while forcefully breaking through a door. Witnessing Kaashvi’s hand bleeding, Nayantara becomes visibly worried. As the situation intensifies, Kaashvi loses consciousness. In response, Samrat firmly states that they must rush Kaashvi to the hospital. Blaming Samrat for Kaashvi’s current state, Arjun expresses his frustration. Determined to help, Samrat takes them all in his car and they swiftly arrive at the hospital. Amidst the chaos, they admit Kaashvi to the care of medical professionals. Anxious for Kaashvi’s well-being, Nayantara pleads with the doctor to save her. However, the doctor can offer no reassurances at the moment, as Kaashvi has lost a significant amount of blood. With unwavering confidence, Samrat assures Nayantara that Kaashvi will be fine and that nothing adverse will happen to her.

Arjun confronts Samrat, expressing his anger towards him. He sternly warns Samrat to stay away from Nayantara and Kaashvi. In response, Samrat justifies his tolerance by mentioning his friendship with Kaashvi. Dismissing Samrat’s claim, Arjun asserts that Samrat holds no significance in the lives of Nayantara and Kaashvi. Feeling defeated, Samrat departs from the scene.

Arjun consoles Nayantara, assuring her not to worry. Curious about Nayantara’s connection with Samrat, he inquires about their relationship. Nayantara reveals that she has a past connection with Samrat but chooses not to divulge further details. She pleads with Arjun to keep this information confidential. Promising to honor her request, Arjun assures her that he won’t disclose anything to anyone.

Meanwhile, Mahima prepares herself to go to the club but remembers that she also needs to visit Veera’s house. Nitya approaches her and informs her about an upcoming ritual that Mahima is expected to perform that night. Nitya explains the ritual’s details to Mahima, who realizes that she must meet Pradyumna later. Nitya urges Mahima to carry out the ritual and departs from the scene.

In the hospital, a doctor informs Nayantara about Kaashvi’s critical condition. Kaashvi has lost a significant amount of blood, and they urgently need a rare blood type, AB-. Unfortunately, the hospital’s blood bank doesn’t have that blood type in stock. The doctor requests them to arrange the required blood for Kaashvi’s treatment. Determined, Arjun assures Nayantara that he will take care of arranging the blood and leaves the room. Overwhelmed with guilt, Nayantara pleads to a higher power not to punish Kaashvi for her own mistakes.

At the club, Mahima excitedly praises Arjun and his family to her friend, expressing her admiration. Unbeknownst to her, Pradyumna overhears their conversation and approaches Mahima, inquiring about why she called him to the club. Mahima reveals that she wanted to celebrate her engagement first. As the music plays, Mahima and Pradyumna take to the dance floor, swaying together.

Meanwhile, Nitya reaches out to Nayantara through a phone call, wondering about her whereabouts. Nayantara confides in Nitya about Kaashvi, pleading with her not to disclose this information to anyone else. Nitya consoles Nayantara, offering support, before ending the call.

Pradyumna, intrigued by Mahima’s connection with Arjun, questions her sincerity toward him. Mahima assures him that Arjun is an independent individual who makes his own life decisions, emphasizing her seriousness about their relationship. Curious about Pradyumna’s presence, Mahima asks him if he obtained Samrat’s permission to join them at the club. In response, Pradyumna presents an expensive ring, urging Mahima not to marry Arjun. Unfazed by his gesture, Mahima insists that she doesn’t want the ring, believing that Pradyumna wouldn’t marry her either. Succumbing to the atmosphere, she takes a sip of alcohol and embraces Pradyumna in a hug.

Shortly after, Nayantara attempts to contact Mahima, but there is no response from the other end of the line. Just as Nayantara starts to worry, Arjun returns and informs her that Kaashvi’s blood group is not available in any blood bank, adding a sense of urgency and concern to the situation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arjun expresses to Kaashvi the overwhelming sense of losing everything. He confides in her, admitting that his life feels incomplete without her presence. Meanwhile, Nayantara discloses to Samrat the astonishing revelation that Kaashvi is, in fact, his own daughter.

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