Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Maaji instructing Nayantara not to involve herself in their affairs. Nayantara questions if there’s anything she can do for Maaji instead. Meanwhile, Nitya, contemplating the consequences, realizes that if Samrat starts the construction work, a disaster will occur, so she feels compelled to take action. She dials Nayantara’s number and berates her for deceiving her. Nitya reveals that she knows Nayantara took her shopping to allow Samrat to meet the minister and obtain permission for his project. Nitya expresses her disappointment, as she never expected such behavior from Nayantara. Nayantara insists that she knows nothing about the project’s permission. Nitya cuts her off, instructing her to stop talking, and declares that she will confront Samrat herself before abruptly ending the call. She instructs Sharma to find out when Samrat intends to commence the construction work.

Mahima complains to Kunal that it has been two days and he still hasn’t arranged any work for her. Kunal informs her that a brand is interested in collaborating with her, but they require Mahima’s professional portfolio. He informs her that he knows a professional photographer who can assist them. Kunal mentions that they need 5 lakhs for the project, and Mahima promptly transfers the amount to his account. He assures her that he will send her the location details tomorrow. Veera congratulates Mahima on securing the work opportunity.

Nitya contacts Sharma and discovers that Samrat has indeed started the construction work. She realizes that the truth might be exposed soon.

Arjun noticed wet towels on his side of the bed and questioned Kaashvi about their presence. Kaashvi admitted to using them and explained that if it were her own house, she would have taken care of them. However, since there are servants in Arjun’s house, she didn’t feel the need to do anything. Arjun understood her intentions and expressed his concern about sleeping on a wet bed. Kaashvi suggested using the dryer and left the room.

Nayantara arrived at the construction site and confronted Samrat about Nitya’s accusations. She asked him if there was any truth to them. Samrat assured her that he would explain everything. Nitya joined them and accused Samrat of using Nayantara. Samrat questioned Nitya about her false claims regarding environmental issues. Confused by the situation, Nayantara sought an explanation. A worker then discovered a human skeleton at the site and promptly informed Samrat. Nitya informed Samrat that it was now a crime scene, implying that he should halt construction work. Samrat quickly contacted Sharma, instructing him to bring the police to the construction site and inform the forensic department.

Arjun acknowledged his mistake and apologized to Kaashvi, accepting that she was right and he was wrong. Concerned about sleeping on a wet bed, he asked her for a solution. Kaashvi reassured him by mentioning that she had placed a cover beneath the blanket. They proceeded to change to a new blanket. Arjun couldn’t help but notice a new side of Kaashvi that he had never seen before.

[Episode End]

Precap : Samrat confides in Nitya, expressing his belief that she is aware of the presence of a skeleton at his construction site.

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