Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Mahima expressing her discomfort, mentioning that she has a severe headache. Romila inquires about the cause of her pain. At that moment, Kaashvi enters the scene and suggests that Mahima should try on a turmeric-colored outfit. Kaashvi positions Mahima in front of a mirror, hoping that Arjun would catch a glimpse of her. Arjun silently admires Kaashvi’s thoughtfulness. However, Kaashvi notices that Mahima is dissatisfied with the attire and obstructs Arjun’s view. Arjun, now engaged in a phone call, moves away from the area. Mahima shares her disapproval of the outfit with Kaashvi, stating that the design is outdated. Kaashvi urges her not to speak in such a manner since it was Arjun’s selection for her. Mahima argues that she could have suggested more fashionable designs and questions how she can wear such a gaudy outfit. Disappointed, Kaashvi leaves the room.

Romila takes the opportunity to express her opinion to Mahima, stating that Arjun’s family does not deserve her. She adds that Arjun has yet to complete his studies, whereas Mahima is an educated and beautiful woman who deserves to marry a wealthy man like Pradyumna. Romila places blame on Nayantara for this unfortunate decision, encouraging Mahima to reconsider and aim to become a queen instead. She warns that if Mahima marries Arjun, she will be reduced to a mere servant.

Arjun informed Kaashvi that she had completely covered the mirror, preventing him from catching a glimpse of Mahima’s face. He excused himself to answer a call from the caterer. Kaashvi, feeling guilty, apologized to Arjun. Curious about Mahima’s opinion of the outfit, he inquired about it. Kaashvi lied, assuring him that Mahima loved the attire. They then collaborated in preparing laddus, accompanied by the melodious title song in the background.

Unbeknownst to them, Nayantara observed their interaction. She approached Arjun and urged him to abandon his involvement in these activities. However, Arjun dismissed her advice, emphasizing his commitment to learning these tasks as he intended to perform them during Kaashvi’s wedding.

Nayantara whisked Kaashvi away, offering her guidance. She advised her daughter to come to terms with the fact that Arjun now belonged to Mahima. Furthermore, she instructed Kaashvi to conceal her emotions from others. Kaashvi apologized to her mother, but Nayantara reassured her that no apology was necessary. She reminded Kaashvi that destiny cannot be altered, and not everyone has the opportunity to be with their loved ones. Their conversation took an unexpected turn when Samrat suddenly appeared before them. Surprised, Nayantara questioned his presence and asked him what he was doing there.

Romila inquires of Samrat whether he accidentally came again, like he did yesterday. Maaji intervenes and informs them that she personally invited Samrat as her guest. She explains that the jaago ritual went smoothly thanks to Samrat’s presence and he expressed a desire to witness the marriage rituals, so she extended an invitation to him. Maaji also mentions that Samrat has some tasks to fulfill and asks him to prepare laddus. Nitya takes the initiative to teach Samrat how to make laddus, which leaves Nayantara visibly affected.

In a soliloquy, Mahima acknowledges that she cannot marry Arjun. She had agreed to this marriage solely to incite jealousy in Pradyumna. Meanwhile, Pradyumna stealthily enters Mahima’s room. At the same time, Kaashvi offers water to a jeweler, who notices the ring on her finger. The jeweler remarks that the diamond is genuine and the ring is worth approximately 75 lakhs. Kaashvi responds by saying that the diamond is fake, pondering who could have given that ring to Mahima.

Pradyumna expresses his love for Mahima and reassures her that he doesn’t care about others’ opinions. He implores her to elope with him. Mahima agrees to run away with him and embraces him. They share a passionate kiss, unaware that Kaashvi witnesses the intimate moment.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kaashvi relentlessly pursues Pradyumna, but he manages to elude her grasp. In frustration, she reprimands Mahima for her betrayal towards Arjun. Meanwhile, Samrat forcefully pulls Nayantara, causing them both to stumble onto the bed. Determined, Kaashvi attempts to convey to Arjun that Mahima is unworthy of his love.

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