Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Samrat expressing his desire to shower fatherly love upon Kaashvi, acknowledging that he missed out on numerous precious moments during her childhood. Nitya sympathetically understands his emotions but points out that his actions have caused hurt to her family. Nayantara intervenes, informing Samrat that Kaashvi is now in her in-laws’ house and will handle everything there. Samrat acknowledges his understanding, and Nitya expresses her gratitude. Meanwhile, Nayantara attends a call from Maaji.

Samrat questions Nitya about her disapproval of his parking area plan. Nitya clarifies that after reviewing his documents, she found the proposed land unsuitable and raised concerns about the environmental impact of constructing the parking area. Samrat assures her that he will discuss the matter with his manager and explore alternative solutions.

In another scene, Kaashvi struggles to drape a saree for the mooh dikhai ritual. Realizing she is running late, she asks Arjun for help, even though he admits he has never assisted anyone in wearing a saree before. As he holds the pleats, he inadvertently compliments her by mentioning that she looks attractive. Shocked by his words, Kaashvi asks him what he meant. Arjun explains that he never had the opportunity to see her in this way before, but now as her husband, he can appreciate and compliment her. Uncomfortable with the situation, Kaashvi insists on handling it herself and sends Arjun away. She decides to maintain their friendship boundaries, believing that Arjun sees her solely as a friend to avoid potential heartbreak.

Kaashvi’s mooh dikhai ritual commences as Nayantara takes the initiative to ask Samrat to present the shagun to Kaashvi. She explains that since she is now married to Samrat, he is Kaashvi’s father. Accepting her request, Samrat offers the shagun to Kaashvi. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Kaashvi expresses her thanks to Nayantara and Samrat, addressing him as her father. Touched by this precious moment, Samrat expresses his appreciation and emotion before leaving the scene. Sensing his emotional state, Nayantara follows him to have a conversation.

Samrat confides in Nayantara, sharing that his daughter referring to him as “father” was an incredible moment for him. In response, Nayantara promises to inform Kaashvi about the truth, but suggests waiting until after her exams, as they are unsure of how she will react. Samrat agrees with her suggestion, and they both understand the importance of timing in revealing the truth to Kaashvi.

Nayantara approaches Arjun, acknowledging his sadness regarding Mahima. She reassures him, emphasizing that it is not her fault, and encourages him to open up about his pain, assuring him that she is there to listen and support him.

During a phone call with his manager, Mr. Gupta, Samrat discusses what Nitya had mentioned earlier. Mr. Gupta informs him that he has already investigated the land and submitted a report, stating that there will be no adverse environmental effects. He shares the report with Samrat and advises him to review it. Samrat ponders over Nitya’s false claim about the environmental problem and questions her motives for being against him.

The following day, Kaashvi wakes up and playfully urges Arjun to wake up as well, engaging in their usual banter. Meanwhile, Mr. Gupta informs Samrat that they have the opportunity to meet with the minister. Samrat resolves to keep this meeting confidential, ensuring that Nitya remains unaware of his plans to meet the minister.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nitya discovers that Samrat had a meeting with the minister to secure permission for a parking area. Feeling deeply hurt and betrayed, she confides in Nayantara about the actions of both Samrat and Nayantara herself. Meanwhile, workers stumble upon the remains of a human skeleton in the very land associated with the parking area.

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