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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Mahima informing Romila about her upcoming trip to Mumbai. Romila, in turn, reveals that Nayantara is about to marry Samrat. Mahima dismisses the news, expressing her indifference. She asserts her desire for freedom as the reason behind her journey to Mumbai. Mahima suggests that Romila can take charge of the household if Nayantara decides to leave after the wedding. With those words, Mahima departs from the scene. Romila is left pondering over Mahima’s behavior and contemplates how she can intervene to halt the marriage.

Meanwhile, Kaashvi informs Nayantara that they need to finalize the bridal outfit. Samrat enters the room and presents Nayantara with a saree he bought for her. Kaashvi admires it and excuses herself to arrange matching jewelry. Curious, Nayantara questions Samrat about when he purchased the saree. Samrat discloses that he acquired it upon discovering that Nayantara was alive and then leaves the room. Kaashvi assists Nayantara in getting ready and compliments her as the most beautiful bride in the world.

Arjun compliments Samrat, stating that he looks like the perfect groom. At that moment, Kaashvi enters the scene, accompanied by Nayantara. Samrat and Nayantara exchange marriage garlands while everyone present claps in celebration. Kaashvi proceeds to perform the kanyadhaan ritual, expressing her gratitude for being able to do so. The priest then instructs the bride and groom to stand for the pheres, and Samrat and Nayantara complete the sacred circles.

Moving forward, Samrat fills Nayantara’s forehead with Vermilion, signifying their marital bond. He also places the nuptial chain around Nayantara’s neck. Once again, the crowd erupts in applause. The priest announces the union of Samrat and Nayantara as husband and wife and encourages them to seek blessings from their elders. Maaji blesses Nayantara and Samrat, showering them with her good wishes.

The bidaai ritual commences for Kaashvi, and Nayantara tearfully embraces her, while the title song plays softly in the background. Kaashvi departs with Arjun. Following that, Nayantara’s own bidaai takes place, and Samrat leads her to their new home, assuring her that it is now her abode. Pradyumna arrives and questions Samrat about Nayantara’s presence in the house. Samrat confidently reveals that Nayantara is his wife.

Pradyumna expresses his disbelief, pointing out that Nayantara is Mahima’s mother, and how could Samrat marry her. He accuses Nayantara of being deceitful and selfish, assuming that she married Samrat solely for his wealth. Enraged, Samrat attempts to slap Pradyumna, but Nayantara intervenes, preventing any physical harm. She explains to Samrat that Pradyumna is unaware of their past, and therefore, it is not his fault.

Nayantara apologizes to Pradyumna on behalf of Mahima, stating that she believed both Mahima and Pradyumna had moved on in their lives, unaware of their affair. Samrat sternly warns Pradyumna not to speak ill of Nayantara and reveals that she is not Mahima’s biological mother. He discloses that Nayantara assumed the role of Mahima’s mother due to a promise she made to Sathish. Furthermore, he discloses that he waited for Nayantara for 20 years, as their marriage had taken place two decades ago. Pradyumna finally comprehends that Nayantara is Samrat’s lifelong love. He apologizes to Nayantara and welcomes her into the family.

[Episode End]

Precap : Samrat suggests to Nayantara that it would be thoughtful to present Kaashvi with a gift. Jagdeesh commends Kaashvi’s exceptional craftsmanship displayed in her handmade present. Nitya acknowledges Kaashvi’s remarkable abilities in both domestic tasks and academics. In a gesture of support, Samrat arranges for additional household staff to assist Kaashvi. Nitya informs Nayantara that she already employs servants in her own home, and playfully suggests that if Samrat and Nayantara wish to showcase their affluence, they might try to surpass her.

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