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Yeh Hai Chahatein 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with the vibrant mehndi ceremony. Mahima approaches Nayantara, offering her apologies for her previous behavior. She explains that her reaction was driven by the stress of the upcoming marriage. Nayantara graciously accepts the apology, stating that she understands Mahima’s realization and forgives her. As the mehndi artist prepares to write the groom’s name, Nayantara instructs her to inscribe “Arjun” but in a way that it won’t be easily recognizable to the groom himself.

One of the guests suggests that Kaashvi should be the one to write Arjun’s name on Mahima’s hand, believing it will bring happiness to their union. Arjun leads Kaashvi to Mahima, who hesitates and suggests that Kaashvi shouldn’t do it if she cannot write as skillfully as a professional. However, Kaashvi assures her that she can handle the task and proceeds to write.

Suddenly, Samrat enters the scene and expresses his admiration for the beautifully decorated venue. Curious about Arjun’s gesture for Mahima, he inquires about anything special Arjun may have done. Arjun extends his hand, revealing a prominent “M” symbol. He then requests the mehndi artist to inscribe an “N” on his hand, which raises eyebrows from Romila and Nitya. Samrat explains that his wife’s name starts with an “N,” shocking everyone present. He clarifies that he has been married for a long time but currently lives separately from his wife, emphasizing that she is always with him in spirit. Samrat turns to Nayantara and playfully asks if she would write an “S.” Romila questions whether he wants Nayantara to write “S” for Samrat, to which he retorts that it’s merely Romila’s assumption. He teases Romila, reminding her about forgetting Satish. Nayantara observes Samrat enjoying the situation, while Nitya watches everything unfold, determined not to let misunderstandings arise.

Nitya inquires Samrat about the nature of his relationship with Nayantara, asking what is going on between them. In response, Samrat urges her not to speak like Romila. He clarifies that he and Nayantara are just friends, having known each other for a long time. Samrat emphasizes that he respects and cares for Nayantara, leaving it at that before walking away. Nitya ponders why Nayantara claimed to have recently met Samrat and questions who is being dishonest.

Meanwhile, Mahima sends Kaashvi to purchase gulfi for them. She messages Pradyumna, informing him that she is waiting for him.

Nitya recalls the words exchanged between Nayantara and Samrat. Her husband advises her to rest, but she takes to the internet to search for information about Samrat’s wife. To her surprise, she discovers that Mansi is Samrat’s wife’s name. Nitya wonders why Samrat mentioned that his wife’s name begins with ‘N’. She learns that Samrat’s second wife is Nayantara, causing her distress. Realizing that Kaashvi is Samrat’s daughter, which explains his return, she decides to confront Nayantara the next day.

Meanwhile, Kaashvi struggles to start her scooty. Nayantara suggests they take a cab instead. Just then, Samrat arrives and, upon learning that they are going to get gulfi, starts the scooty.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kaashvi inquired of Samrat how he came to know Nayantara’s favorite flavor. Mahima informed Pradyumna that she had discovered a method to halt the impending marriage. In an unexpected turn of events, Nayantara stumbled upon Mahima and Pradyumna in a compromising position on the bed. Overwhelmed with shock and anger, she let out a piercing scream, calling out Mahima’s name.

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