Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Arjun and Kaashvi waking up as Aruna knocks on their room door. Realizing she is late, Kaashvi hurriedly informs Arjun, who reassures her that it’s alright considering their tiredness. Kaashvi rushes into the bathroom while Arjun opens the door. Observing the state of the bed, Aruna jumps to a misunderstanding, assuming that Arjun and Kaashvi had a successful first night together.

In a separate scene, Nitya expresses to Jagdeesh how everything has changed within a short period. She believes that Arjun loved Mahima but is confident that he will soon realize that Kaashvi is the ideal life partner for him. Aruna interjects, claiming that Kaashvi is more deceitful than Mahima and accuses Arjun of celebrating his first night with Kaashvi. Nitya scolds Aruna for making such remarks and urges her not to pass judgment on their personal lives. Nitya asserts that she won’t tolerate any negative comments about Kaashvi.

Meanwhile, Samrat introduces his manager, Mr. Gupta, to Nayantara. Mr. Gupta informs Samrat that Nitya has not granted permission for the mall’s parking area, citing environmental concerns. Samrat informs Nayantara that they will pay a visit to Nitya’s house.

Jagdeesh commends the delicious kheer prepared by Kaashvi, earning her praise. Nitya acknowledges Kaashvi’s exceptional abilities in both household chores and studies. However, Samrat interrupts, stating that Kaashvi shouldn’t have to do household chores since he has hired servants to take care of everything. He explains that the servants will handle all the tasks for everyone. Nayantara questions him, wondering why he didn’t inform her about this decision. Samrat asserts that Kaashvi is his daughter, and he doesn’t require her permission. Aruna criticizes the excessive display of wealth, claiming that they have crossed all boundaries.

Nitya confronts Samrat, emphasizing that Kaashvi is a member of their family, and she aspires to become a civil service officer. Nitya assures everyone that she can manage everything and expresses her disappointment in Nayantara for not revealing that servants work in her own house. She firmly declares that she will not tolerate any insult directed at her family. Nayantara defends herself, claiming ignorance of the situation and asserting that she would have stopped Samrat if she had known.

Samrat questions whether he is not allowed to do anything for his daughter. Nitya conveys that his actions have hurt her family. Understanding Nitya’s perspective, Nayantara urges Samrat to comprehend it as well. Jagdeesh reassures Samrat that they do not need the help of servants. Kaashvi intervenes, stating that everyone knows Samrat is doing all this for her happiness. She affirms that the house is also her home and that nothing is lacking, especially love. Arjun comforts Samrat, reminding him that Kaashvi is favored by both Nitya and Jagdeesh, and assures him not to worry about her. Samrat apologizes to Nitya and Jagdeesh for his actions.

Meanwhile, Maaji and other family members eagerly await their meal. Romila, however, struggles with cooking and ends up burning everything. Maaji seizes the opportunity to make a snide remark towards Romila. Sensing the tension, Nitya leads Samrat and Nayantara to a separate room. Nitya expresses her understanding of Samrat’s intentions but emphasizes that his actions were misguided. Samrat explains that he was not present for Kaashvi during her childhood and now wants to make up for it by doing everything for his daughter.

[Episode End]

Precap : In front of a crowd, Nayantara boldly declares that Samrat is unquestionably Kaashvi’s father. Mr. Gupta asserts to Samrat that the land is in impeccable condition, emphasizing that Nitya should grant them permission. Puzzled, Samrat ponders over why Nitya is opposing him.

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