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Yeh Hai Chahatein 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Romila informing Arjun of her intention to instruct the technician to play the projector. Kaashvi knocks on Mahima’s room door but receives no response from the other side. The technician proceeds to play the projector, triggering Romila’s recollection of how she had swapped the pendrive, anticipating that Nayantara would be humiliated. Just then, Kaashvi arrives at the scene. Shocked expressions fill the room as everyone sees the photos of Samrat and Nayantara. Seizing the opportunity, Romila addresses Maaji and reveals that Nayantara is involved in an affair with Samrat. She claims to have previously disclosed this information, but no one believed her.

Aruna seizes the moment to taunt Nayantara about her talk of respect and good values, reminding her that she is a widowed mother. However, Samrat steps in and sternly warns them against uttering a word against Nayantara. He confesses that he invited Nayantara to the gathering to propose marriage to her, expressing his love for her openly. Undeterred by anyone’s opinions, he asserts his fearlessness. Maaji interjects, expressing her disbelief that Nayantara would even consider remarriage. She scolds Samrat for betraying her and questions Nayantara on how she could stoop so low, asserting that she wants nothing to do with Nayantara anymore.

Kaashvi expresses to Maaji that Nayantara has always had this family in her thoughts. She questions whether Maaji has ever considered Nayantara’s emotions. Kaashvi ponders the scenario of Nayantara being a widow and emphasizes that she still has the right to be happy. She assures Maaji that she has no objections to Nayantara and Samrat’s marriage, disclosing that Samrat has already sought her permission, which she willingly granted. In response, Maaji questions Kaashvi’s authority to give permission and urges her to remain silent and stand beside her quietly. Kaashvi reminds Maaji that children also have responsibilities towards their parents.

Aruna taunts Kaashvi, but she defends her stance, stating that she is not doing anything wrong. She desires Nayantara’s happiness and expresses her support for her. Kaashvi reassures Nayantara that she is not doing anything immoral and declares her solidarity with her. She points out that Nayantara has finally been given a chance to live happily after 20 years, so they should not let this opportunity go to waste.

Romila dismisses Kaashvi’s words as nonsense, but Kaashvi counters, explaining that if she and Mahima leave after the marriage, Nayantara will have to live alone. She questions Maaji about what Nayantara would have done if she were in Satish’s position. Nitya intervenes, emphasizing the need to consider societal perceptions. She believes that discussing Nayantara’s marriage during Mahima and Kaashvi’s wedding will invite ridicule from society.

Kaashvi expresses her surprise at Nitya’s perspective and highlights that despite being Nayantara’s friend, she fails to understand Nayantara’s loneliness. She argues that society tends to make comments about everyone and tells Nitya that if society did not care about Nayantara, there is no reason for her to ignore Nayantara’s happiness for society’s sake.

Arjun supports Kaashvi’s view, stating that they cannot deprive Nayantara of her happiness. He emphasizes that Nayantara deserves to be happy and tells Samrat that nobody should have a problem if he can keep Nayantara happy.

[Episode End]

Precap : Samrat discovers that Mahima has eloped with Pradyumna, and he promptly informs Kaashvi about the shocking news. Additionally, Nitya becomes aware of the situation as well.

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