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Yeh Hai Chahatein 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Romila revealing to Samrat that Nayantara is aware of Kaashvi’s love for Arjun, yet she went ahead and arranged Arjun’s marriage with Mahima. Romila further adds that Nayantara also knows that Mahima does not love Arjun. Samrat dismisses Romila’s claims, believing she must be lying. However, Romila insists that she overheard Nayantara and Kaashvi’s conversation. Samrat, feeling conflicted, leaves the scene, and Romila eagerly prepares to witness the upcoming drama.

Samrat takes Nayantara aside and expresses his desire to speak with her privately. Nayantara, skeptical of his intentions, accompanies him to a room. It becomes apparent to Samrat that Romila’s allegations were indeed true. He confronts Nayantara, questioning how she could do this to Kaashvi. Samrat shares his own lingering pain and empathizes with the pain he witnessed in Kaashvi’s eyes. Perplexed, Nayantara asks him why she would intentionally inflict pain on Kaashvi. She explains that Arjun loves Mahima and not Kaashvi, and Kaashvi cannot find true happiness with someone who does not love her. Nayantara assures him that Kaashvi will eventually find someone who loves her wholeheartedly. Samrat, seeking clarity, asks Nayantara if Mahima loves Arjun. She reveals that Mahima went to Arjun’s house to accept his proposal and then swiftly departs from the room. Samrat realizes that Nayantara is unaware of Mahima’s involvement with Pradyumna. He concludes that Mahima has been manipulating everyone involved in the situation.

Arjun is in the process of selecting an outfit for his wedding. Upon seeing a photo of his chosen attire, Samrat expresses his disapproval, deeming it horrible. However, Kaashvi comes to Arjun’s defense, asserting that he looks fantastic in every outfit he wears. Unaffected by Samrat’s criticism, Arjun confidently brushes off his opinion and departs from the scene.

In another setting, Romila stirs up Mahima’s feelings against Nayantara. She encourages Mahima to prioritize her own well-being and take action. Responding to Romila’s manipulation, Mahima reveals that Pradyumna has expressed his willingness to marry her and complains about Samrat confiscating her phone. Romila hands her own phone to Mahima, allowing her to make a call. Mahima contacts Pradyumna, pleading with him to intervene as she no longer wishes to marry Arjun. She vents her frustrations about Samrat to him, passionately expressing that she would rather die than be without him. Pradyumna, moved by her desperation, promises to elope with her that very night. Mahima boldly declares her indifference towards her family’s opinions and eagerly awaits Pradyumna’s arrival. Grateful for Romila’s support, Mahima expresses her happiness and heartfelt appreciation. Meanwhile, Romila anticipates that Nayantara will face humiliation as a consequence of their actions.

Arjun commends Romila for selflessly providing food to Mahima. Kaashvi, overcome with emotion, sheds tears. Nayantara notices Samrat trailing behind Kaashvi and inwardly expresses relief that Kaashvi now has Samrat by her side.

Samrat confides in Kaashvi that Arjun’s lack of affection towards her stems from his ill fortune. He discerns the love for Arjun in Kaashvi’s eyes and assures her that he has been waiting for his own love for two decades. Samrat believes that one day Kaashvi will find her true love. In gratitude, Kaashvi embraces him and expresses her heartfelt thanks, likening his comforting words to those of a father figure (Title song plays softly in the background).

Feeling powerless to alleviate Kaashvi’s pain, Samrat’s eyes well up with tears. He confides in Nayantara about his emotions and implores her to take action for Kaashvi’s sake.

[Episode End]

Precap : Samrat confesses to Nayantara that he should have expressed his love for her earlier. Their intimate moment catches the attention of Romila, who discreetly captures a photograph of their kiss. Meanwhile, Mahima plots to elope with Pradyumna, eager to escape their current circumstances.

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