Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Maaji suggesting that Kaashvi should take Mahima’s place in the ceremony. Nayantara expresses her doubts, stating that Kaashvi wouldn’t agree to such a proposition. Maaji emphasizes the consequences of the marriage proposal falling through, as it could lead to numerous complications. To maintain the illusion, Kaashvi agrees to wear a veil, allowing everyone to believe that Mahima is performing the ritual. Kaashvi explains to Nayantara that their families’ respect is at stake, and she doesn’t want Nayantara and Nitya’s friendship to suffer. Additionally, she doesn’t want Arjun to be hurt upon seeing Mahima in that state. Assuring her mother, Kaashvi asserts her strength and promises to handle everything.

Later, Nayantara is seen decorating the house, with Samrat lending her a helping hand. She is taken aback by his presence and questions why he came. Worried about potential complications, she insists that he should leave. However, Samrat refuses, expressing his desire to be a part of his daughter’s life. He affectionately refers to Nayantara as “biwi” (wife). Just then, they hear Maaji’s voice, indicating that they need to be cautious.

She discloses the details of the ritual to him. He inquires if Mahima is capable of performing the ritual. In response, she affirms with a nod. She explains that everyone present recognizes her as Satish’s wife, despite the fact that their marriage did not take place. Consequently, she cannot risk tarnishing her family’s reputation. Maaji begins searching for Nayantara, while Samrat conceals himself to avoid being seen. Eventually, Samrat departs from the scene.

Nayantara confronts Romila about her deception regarding Mahima. Maaji intervenes, declaring that it is not the right time to discuss such matters. Romila is bewildered, questioning how Mahima could possibly be ready to partake in the ritual while under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, Kaashvi prepares herself. Reflecting on the situation, she acknowledges that she never envisioned herself participating in this ritual under these circumstances. Nayantara approaches her, expressing apologies for the additional pain she has caused. Kaashvi responds by acknowledging Nayantara as the world’s best mother and drawing strength from her. Together, Nayantara and Kaashvi make their way to the hall. Romila becomes suspicious, sensing that something is amiss. She ponders why Mahima is wearing a veil. Her husband chastises her for failing to expose Mahima.

Arjun and his family arrive at the location. Nayantara expresses to Nitya her initial expectation of Nitya performing the ritual at her own home. Arjun, however, reveals his desire to perform the ritual at Nayantara’s house instead, emphasizing their intention to carry out all the rituals together. Nitya reassures Nayantara, emphasizing their enduring friendship.

Arjun takes a seat beside Kaashvi, unaware that she has taken Mahima’s place. Mistaking her for Mahima, he engages in conversation with her. In her thoughts, Kaashvi apologizes to him. Arjun advises her not to stress and encourages her to meet his gaze. As he is about to lift her veil, Maaji intervenes, reminding him that the bride must wear the veil and observe the mourning fast.

[Episode End]

Precap : Romila inquires Nayantara about Kaashvi’s whereabouts, while Pradyumna urges Mahima to elope with him. Mahima consents to his proposal and embraces him affectionately. Unfortunately, Kaashvi happens to witness this encounter.

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