Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Romila urging Arjun to prepare himself. Arjun hands over the pendrive to an individual, hopeful that Mahima will be touched by his surprise. He departs from the scene with anticipation. Meanwhile, Mahima provides Monty with Pradyumna’s location and implores him to aid Pradyumna’s escape. Monty questions her motive for wanting assistance, to which she discloses her plan to elope with Pradyumna. She offers him a bribe and he departs. Mahima proceeds to send a message to Pradyumna, informing him that her cousin Monty will be coming to his aid.

Elsewhere, Kaashvi compliments Nayantara, remarking that Nayantara resembles her and Mahima’s sister. Nayantara requests her to cease the comments. Kaashvi summons Samrat, urging Nayantara to trust his words, and then departs. Nayantara expresses her concern to Samrat about the possibility of someone witnessing their actions. In response, Samrat presents a jasmine flower, which he places delicately in Nayantara’s hair. He expresses their compatibility and his eagerness for her to once again be his wife. He vows not to let her leave him again, promising to keep her by his side always.

Monty arrives at Samrat’s house and inquires about Pradyumna from the servant. Deceitfully, the servant claims that Pradyumna is not present. Unconvinced, Monty asserts that he is not a fool and forcefully enters the house. He discovers a locked door and proceeds to open it. Spotting Pradyumna, he urges him to leave. The servant tries to intervene, but Monty and Pradyumna quickly subdue and restrain him. Pradyumna sternly warns the servant against informing Samrat about their presence. Monty hands his phone to Pradyumna and instructs him to message Mahima, which Pradyumna promptly does.

Meanwhile, Mahima contemplates the possibility of Pradyumna’s arrival and decides to send Kaashvi away. Filled with joy, Mahima’s anticipation is rewarded as she sees Pradyumna. She exclaims that she is about to transition from poverty to riches and proceeds to escape through a window to embrace Pradyumna. Expressing his gratitude, Pradyumna acknowledges Monty’s assistance and suggests they depart before anyone notices them. He leads Mahima away from the scene, while Monty proudly pats himself on the back and heads off to prepare himself.

At the same time, Arjun’s family arrives at Nayantara’s house, and the festive baraat procession commences. Arjun excitedly dances with Kaashvi, dragging her along (while the title song plays in the background). He triumphantly proclaims to Nayantara that he has finally become her son-in-law. Nitya remarks on the groom’s unparalleled excitement, and Nayantara expresses her belief that Mahima is fortunate. Arjun suggests they proceed inside, but Nayantara asks him to wait momentarily. She performs an aarti ritual for Arjun. Once completed, everyone enters the house, and Arjun takes his seat on the marriage mandap. The priest requests the presence of the bride, leading Nayantara to instruct Kaashvi to bring Mahima. Observing the situation, Romila realizes that it is the opportune moment to execute her plan.

[Episode End]

Precap : Mahima inquires Pradyumna about their purpose for being at the bus stop. Pradyumna explains to her that they are unable to return home. Meanwhile, a video featuring Nayantara and Samrat starts playing. Romila asserts that Nayantara’s daughters have reached a marriageable age and insinuates that Nayantara is engaged in an extramarital affair with Samrat.

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