Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Mahima and Pradyumna catching sight of Kaashvi as she screams Mahima’s name. Upon Mahima’s request, Pradyumna swiftly departs from the scene while Kaashvi pursues him unsuccessfully. Inquisitively, she questions Mahima about her act of kissing Pradyumna despite her impending marriage to Arjun. Kaashvi further wonders if Mahima had taken into consideration the feelings of others. Worriedly, Mahima contemplates that Nayantara might kill her if Kaashvi were to divulge the truth to her. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Kaashvi brandishes a ring and asserts her knowledge of its authenticity. She confronts Mahima, demanding an explanation for her deceitful behavior.

Craftily, Mahima fabricates a story, claiming that Pradyumna had coerced her into the act and that she had not willingly kissed him. Furthermore, she asserts that Pradyumna had spiked her drink at the club and surreptitiously placed the ring on her finger while she was intoxicated. To enhance her deception, Mahima feigns tears, hoping to evoke sympathy from Kaashvi. Sensing an opportunity for justice, Kaashvi proposes filing a complaint against Pradyumna and insists on dragging Mahima along. Fearful of the potential damage to their family’s reputation, Mahima implores Kaashvi not to expose the situation to Nayantara and Arjun. Recognizing the ramifications, Kaashvi reluctantly agrees to keep the matter confidential. Mahima, relieved that her act has succeeded, inwardly rejoices at her cunning display.

On the contrary, Nayantara confronts Samrat about his actions, questioning why he’s making laddu when he has work to do at the office. Expressing her concern, she urges him to prioritize his responsibilities. However, Samrat feigns injury, deliberately hitting his leg and letting out a cry of pain. He claims to have sprained his leg, leading Nayantara to suspect that he’s up to something.

Samrat states that he can’t go to a hotel and has nowhere to stay. Maaji kindly offers him accommodation in her house until the wedding. Grateful for the offer, Samrat assures them that he’ll assist with all the household tasks. Nayantara, however, voices her doubts about Samrat being comfortable staying in their house and suggests that he should go to a hotel and rest. Samrat insists that he doesn’t want to trouble them and attempts to get up, pretending to be in agony. Maaji reassures him and insists he stays in their home, instructing Nayantara to escort Samrat to the guest room.

Nayantara reprimands Samrat for his acting, convinced that he’s not genuinely in pain. He maintains his position, insisting that he is indeed suffering. Nayantara asserts that she’s aware of his true intentions and accuses him of orchestrating everything to be close to Kaashvi. She warns him that if he acts in front of Kaashvi, she will throw him out of the house. In the heat of the moment, he pulls her towards him, and they both fall onto the bed. Samrat confesses that his purpose was to be intimate with her and not to leave her. Startled, Nayantara quickly gets up, cautioning him to stay away and exits the room.

Meanwhile, Arjun busily prepares a special organic haldi paste for Mahima. He proudly shares this with Kaashvi, who recalls the kiss between Mahima and Pradyumna. Expressing her displeasure, she scolds Arjun for going to such lengths for Mahima.

[Episode End]

Precap : Romila emphasizes to Mahima that this is her final opportunity. Feeling desperate, Mahima reaches out to Pradyumna and pleads with him to intervene because she cannot marry Arjun. In the meantime, Kaashvi confides in Samrat about the situation involving Mahima and Pradyumna. Intrigued by this revelation, Samrat questions Nayantara about why she arranged Mahima’s marriage to Arjun when Kaashvi is the one who loves him.

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